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A 24 hour project at Geneva international Motor show March 2015 - Stand BMW.

During this talk, you will learn from Michael Kolchesky all the pitfalls you can have during a project on a very tight schedule from the access to the location, to the final release of the project. The 26 indoor cars and 5 stand views had to be delivered within 24 hours.
MichaelKolchesky BMW 03

Presented by:

Michael Kolchesky

Michael Kolchesky Visual Solutions 360

She was born in 1979 in Israel. Michael Kolchesky is a professional photographer since 2005 and a VR 360° professional since 2008. She hold a degree in photography and visual arts from Musrara Academy in Jerusalem and a diploma from the Art Institute of Atlanta, US. she travelled, lived and work in countries as varied…

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