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Choose Your Own Reality

This talk is about the recent Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality work of Anrick Bregman, and his collaborations with production company UNIT9 and The Guardian.

The talk will discuss how his projects made the most of the technology used as well as the tools and equipment used to make them. But beyond the tech and process, he will also look at how audiences responded to these experience when they were launched, and what impact they had.

Anrick will also touch on the longer-term trends that are being established both in VR and AR/MR, as well as related technologies. This talk looks at how these separate strands of the ‘virtual’ space currently exist, and how they’ll all merge and combine in the coming years, to create our collective future: where our virtual and real lives are intimately intertwined, and we can all choose our reality.

The question he is trying to answer is if in choosing our realities, we’ll become more connected human beings, and if the promise that we have more empathy through technology really works in the projects he has created.

UNIT9 2018 Showreel from UNIT9 on Vimeo.

VR Showreel 2016 from UNIT9 on Vimeo.

Presented by:

Anrick Bregman

Anrick Bregman

Anrick is an award winning director exploring the unknown in storytelling, through VR, AR, films, and games, and whatever lies beyond. His work is research focused, and lies at the intersection of storytelling and experiential technology.

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