We will be discussing current and future trends in VR as well as the future of where VR technology is heading. The panel represents various leading minds in VR and there vision on where VR is heading.


Richard Broo

Richard Broo Wemersive

Richard started his career in the music industry at age seventeen, working for a music production company in Europe. After a decade working alongside major recording companies and artists, Richard jumped into the technology sector. Richard began working for an app development firm where they created one of the first VR mobile players. After successfully…


Alexandre Jenny

Alexandre Jenny Kolor - Gopro

Alexandre Jenny, Senior Director Immersive Media Solutions @ GoPro and founder of Kolor who recently joined GoPro, creator of the most versatile action camera, will share his vision and roadmap about the future of Immersive Media Industry.

Chris Bobotis

Chris Bobotis

Chris is a Founding Partner and 360/VR Software Architect at mettle. He is Head Developer for the SkyBox software products, which offer the most complete set of 360/VR production tools available for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Joergen Geerds

Joergen Geerds Freedom360

CEO, Koncept VR / Freedom360 With a background in art, film-making, photography and art direction, and as the original inventor of the modern fully spherical video as a medium, Joergen has been evangelizing cinematic VR for the past 5 years. His deep understanding of the technology allows him to push the language of VR filmmaking…

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