Designing and Creating Spatial Audio for 360 Videos

Peter Costa, CEO of Baltu Studios, will present a workshop at IVRPA Tokyo 2018 on Spatial Audio for 360º Videos.

He will discuss the philosophical importance of creating immersive sound in a Virtual Reality experience and how it affects the user psychologically (psychoacoustics). Then provide a general workflow of the technical direction/advice. Finally, he will review available resources that are free or cheap for low budget creators and available resources that are used by professional studios.

This workshop will provide step by step instruction of a typical spatial audio workflow using available tools:

Step 1: Pre-production - asset inventory/planning
Step 2: Production - using live recording techniques
Step 3: Post-production - this is the most labor-intensive and complicated step of doing spatial audio within a video. Syncing correctly to video.
Step 4: Exporting - to online or application based platforms (YouTube, Facebook, GearVR).

Presented by:

Peter Costa

Peter Costa

Baltu Studios inspires creativity, learning, and empathy through immersive technologies such as VR, AR, and interactive media. We specialize in creating realistic sonic environments through 3D spatial audio.

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