Enter Photokina’s Motion Picture Award: 360 Video category


This year’s Photokina Motion Picture Award includes a new category for 360 video! This is part of Photokina’s Video Festival, which aims to show the most beautiful, exciting, emotional, inspiring or funny videos. The rules are simple: footage must be no more than five minutes long, the deadline for submission is August 1st, submissions should… Read More

New ideas in VR filmmaking


When the post ‘Taking back control in VR storytelling with Liquid Cinema’ was written in early May I was really looking forward to finding out what Liquid Cinema, from Deep Inc, would offer VR video producers. Even the names of the features were tantalising; Forced Perspective, Gaze Control, Heatmapping... Read More

New VR app: A Walk Through Dementia


VR’s greatest strength is making people have an emotional, visceral connection with whatever’s being shown, and this capability is starting to be explored in new and really interesting ways. A new VR app, ‘A Walk Through Dementia’, recreates the experience that a dementia sufferer has in ordinary situations: ‘at the supermarket’, ‘on the road’, and… Read More

Recipe for success


VR is exploding. There's a real sense of goldrush fever in the industry, and things are happening faster than ever before. But the best way we can keep our industry growing and new ideas developing is to share. Read More

VR as an educational medium


Immersive virtual reality isn't literally doing things, but it does help the viewer experience things in an almost first-hand manner. It's the most active form of passive experience there is. How effective is it, exactly? Read More

Orchestrating stories for VR – Québec 2016

IVRPA Images 1200x400 0000 Uli

An interesting VR project takes those changes into consideration, making use of the format, while leaving the traditional “in front of the camera” aspect out of the equation. The story and the action need to evolve around the viewer, not just in one direction. Read More

Shooting wildlife in 360 video – Québec 2016


SPEAKER: Sergey Semenov Our new shooting 2015 - Land of bears. Shooting wildlife in 360video format from drone and onland. Kamchatka, Kuril islands. Airpano viewer. Software that helps. Main features: - Player/Viewer of most popular types of 360 media content - Multiwindow interface - Sortable and draggable files list - Drag and drop between windows… Read More

Future Vision of VR – Québec 2016


We will be discussing current and future trends in VR as well as the future of where VR technology is heading. The panel represents various leading minds in VR and there vision on where VR is heading. Moderator Panelist

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