This excellent market is where many western restaurants and international grocery stores buy wholesale; it is also a dear friend to many amateur chefs. Many of the items available at Sanyuanli are difficult to find elsewhere in Beijing. There are exotic fruits and vegetables like mangoes, star fruit, lemongrass, brussel sprouts and porcini; fresh seafood; cheeses; fresh herbs and imported condiments like herbs, thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley and fish sauce; frozen goods like burritos, pies and berries; and dry goods like coffee, beans, spices and pasta, bulk chocolate. The prices can be very wholesale-like, but these vendors know they are popular with foreigners and quote their prices accordingly. A half kilo of mint only costs RMB 7, and RMB 30 can get you a good-sized bag of basil. Daily 5am-7pm