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Vancouver at Dusk by Randy Kosek.


GPS + Location based VR on mobile phone

Thought this would be interesting to the group:

Google shows touchy-feely Android phone

SAN FRANCISCO--Google demonstrated some new tricks of its Android mobile phone software, including an elaborate use of Google Maps Street View and a touch-screen interface with abilities known for their presence on Apple's iPhone...
After calling up a view of San Francisco using a Web browser, Horowitz turned around, and the Street View screen panned left or right accordingly, reflecting his orientation.

iPhone stitch of the Seattle skyline

Hey there:

Still having fun with the old "first generation" iPhone. :-)

I was up in Seattle for a couple days for a shoot, and took a few minutes on a walk from location to hotel to snap a dozen or so overlapping shots with my iPhone. Results aren't too bad -- considering the camera, and that I was keeping in motion to keep warm. ;)

I suppose I could have made the extra effort to go all the way around -- but here's a partial panorama for you. :-)

iPhone stitch of the Empire State Building

Hey there:

I'm currently in NYC, getting ready to head home from a VR shoot for a NY-based client. I had a few minutes to spare, & was walking down 5th near my client's office. Lo, the Empire State building!

I took several photos with my iPhone, and tried out Photoshop CS3's Photomerge abilities. This was my first time playing with Photomerge, so I just fed it the 3 iPhone pix, and let it do its thing automatically. I think it did a fine job, especially considering the iPhone isn't known for being, uh, really sharp. :-) That, and the exposure blending and equalizing is nice.

East Bay iPhone Developers Meeting

I'll be heading over to the iPhone Developers Meeting tonight, August 21, to see fellow local iPhone aficionados and developers. Christopher Allen ( ) is the de facto force behind the recent iPhoneDevCamp & Hack-a-thon, as well as the extremely active iPhoneWebDev Google group.

iPhone Wallpaper

More fun with iPhone... :-)

I was adding some photos to my iPhone (finally!), and decided to post a set for public use. Those of you with iPhones, feel free to view and download some of my photos for your own iPhone... Free iPhone wallpaper -- what could be better? :-P ...Enjoy!

Sorry, nothing panoramic yet, which looks good at 480x320. :-(



CheathamLane on iPhone

Having some fun with iPhone; except for photography, have the CheathamLane Web site visible to iPhone in an iPhone-specific format (a la iUI) .

I still need to "pretty it up", but the basics are there (thanks Joe!). Interestingly, iPhone specific links such as <a href="tel:1-510-868-9120">(510) 868.9120</a>, and some regular http links, don't seem to work from my pages.

IVRPA on iPhone

I couldn't resist taking these snapshots. Enjoy!



Macworld 360-degree view from IVRPA members

Share the drooling for the iPhone in 360 degrees!