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digital media bursary

Digital Media Bursary - It's Alive!

Not very busy so far, but the main film showing is tonight (the 250-person auditorium is sold out) and there'll be people coming to see the installation before and after the main showing.

Here's a rough-and-ready QTVR of the installation.


P.S. You wouldn't believe the size of the projector!

Digital Media Bursary - Dry Run

Yesterday I spent all day at the Phoenix centre doing a dry run for the installation, to check that it would definitely all work etc.

First up was testing different projection methods.
Front projection would have given a brighter image and allowed more space, but caused problems with people's shadows falling on the screen as I couldn't get the projector close enough and high enough.

Digital Media Bursary - almost there!

It may be a kludge, but it's working! A lash-up of Director Lingo and ~800 lines of XML which somehow merges together into an interactive timelapse panorama installation...

All twenty panoramas are loading up, the viewer is panning towards the side of the camera view with more movement and it's fading from one panorama to the next depending on whether there is more movement in the top of bottom half of the camera view.

Digital Media Bursary - more WiP

In between everything else, I've managed to squeeze in a few hours on the bursary, mostly working with the images shot so far, seen previously here.

With some help from Aldo I've done an interactive version of the timelapse movie. Clicky link.

Next is working out how to do an interactive installation, with no need for mouse or keyboard...

Digital Media Bursary - Work in Progress

It's been awhile since I heard I got the Phoenix Digital Media Bursary, but finally here are some results!

I spent the whole of Wednesday in Bedford Street in Exeter, shooting panoramas from several fixed points. All the panoramas from one of these points have been stitched and then lined up with each other:

Small version (512px wide, 540Kb)
Larger version (1024px wide, 1.6Mb)

Phoenix Digital Media Bursary

I recently applied for a digital media bursary from Phoenix Media and am proud to announce that I got one of the two bursaries!

This will give me proper justification to set time aside for an investigation of timelapse photography and panoramas, along with having a goal/deadline to aim for.