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Fort "Alexander I", Kronstadt, Gulf of Finland by Andrew Varlamov.


Machine Love CD Cover

As seen on iTunes! :-P

A nighttime picture of mine, from a chilly rooftop cocktail party in the Mission District of San Francisco, has made it to iTunes... Berkeley-based Machine Love (electronic soul funk music mavens) are using it to grace the cover and sleeve for their latest CD Pushing West.

Here's another one of Machine Love playing live at the Anon Salon in downtown San Francisco.

New office space for Patrick / CheathamLane

As of August 2006 I've moved from my home-based office in Berkeley, near the Berkeley Bowl. I'm now sharing office space with one of my clients, NurtureSource Designs, in West Berkeley

(October 2006) California Panographers' get-togethers

It looks like September is a busy month for many of us, so we're now looking at October 4 or 5 in Berkeley for our quarterly meeting of Bay Area panoramic photographers!

Some of us may be a little jet-lagged from Photokina, while others may be packing for the VR Summit in Lisbon, but I hope everyone can make time to get together.

Please email me if you have any questions or conflicts, or want to be added to the email list.

We have a rough outline of discussions and short presentations -- this may change, subject to some folks' availability. But, here we go:

7:00 - 7:30, socializing

California Panographers' get-togethers

I'll be using my blog to keep everyone informed of the latest and greatest about our informal get-togethers in the Berkeley/East Bay California area.

We generally meet one evening each quarter, in Berkeley. Folks from up and down the Bay Area head over for some light food & drink, interesting presentations by industry pros...