Does anyone remember an articl/interview of a fashion photographer who explain his process for Fashion 360 photoshoot? published on IVRPA. But can’t find the link anymore. Must be 1 year old.

Tanja, there is a huge difference between signing a NDA for a video production, where the actual client is insisting on having an NDA for everybody, and a non-profit org like the IVRPA. Bringing it up in this fashion is really just a false-equivalency argument. I do agree with Kyle, I think the tendency over… Read More

Can the new BoD please post the minutes from 2020 asap? I can see the apparent backlog of minutes from 2019 (which i can not condone as a member), but i think 2020 should be a fresh start, with minutes posted in a very timely fashion.

Volume of posts is not what is important, relevance and quality of posts is what is important here This specific IVRPA members area forum is only for specifically private IVRPA biz and not for general public news or questions etc, and as most of our activity is public like conferences and such we don’t feel… Read More

you can search ivrpa site for “Fashion” here or otherwise look in the video archives, above search does not include video sam

The 2016 Tangshan International Horticultural Exposition will be open from 29 April until 16 October 2016, in Tangshan, China. Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Tangshan Earthquake, the expo will demonstrate the vital role of greening cities with a theme of ‘City and Nature, Phoenix Nirvana’. Other aspects of the expo include fashion gardening, environmental… Read More