IVRPA Board of Directors, 2024

IVRPA Directors are elected annually as per the IVRPA bylaws.
Nominations for new IVRPA Directors are open in November every year, and Elections are held every December.
Nominations and Elections are announced via mailing list and in the IVRPA Forums.
Please contact bod@ivrpa.org for more information.

IVRPA Director - President

Scott Witte Tour de Force 360VR


I am an advertising and corporate photographer who pushes the limits searching for new ways to create more effective and persuasive images. My background is high end commercial still photography and I still love doing that work. But I have long been attracted to the promise of 360VR. As technology and software came together in…

IVRPA Director - Vice President

Brian Richards 360fusion.net


I have worked in many capacities within the fields of education, information technology, multi-media and instructional design, in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Romania, and the USA. An avid Photographer for most of my life I began exploring 360 VR Photography while working with faculty and students, and in 2010 attended the IVRPA Conference in Tucson.…

IVRPA Director - Treasurer

Loren Price Sereneview


Is a founding member of the IQTVRA. His first 360 experience was at Disneyland's Circarama theater in 1966 with the America the Beautiful film. His experience includes working with small and large clients in real estate, automotive, healthcare, and travel destinations. He is the COO of Sereneview, a company that makes hospitals and classrooms more…

IVRPA Director - Secretary

Jeff Handley 360Niche


25 years of professional panoramic photography has taken me around the globe and I look forward to 25 more!

IVRPA Director

Jeremiah Scott Boeing

Jeremiah leads a team of technical photographers, coders and retouching experts building Virtual Tours for a myriad of applications at Boeing. “APEX” or Advanced Photographic Engineering Experience -Virtual Tours are utilized as interactive platforms and aligned with manufacturing processes. By leveraging high-quality photography with engineering levels of accurate retouching, we’ve configured the traditional idea of…

IVRPA Director

Loren Ybarrondo Visual Construction


I enjoy creating immersive media, particularly interactive virtual tours for academic purposes. Networking with other professionals and taking part in creative & technical exchanges is the best way to advance your work and I hope to do my part to foster that.

IVRPA Director

Stephanie Willcox JW Photography LLC


Owner - JW Photography. I manage a team of 5 photographers, a videographer and drone operator, 3 developers and a Business Liaison in the office. I am a certified EDWOSB, minority woman owned business in Illinois. We have done work all over the country in Virtual tourism and with government contracts with projects of Historic…