IVRPA Board of Directors, 2019

IVRPA Directors are elected annually as per the IVRPA bylaws.
Nominations for new IVRPA Directors are open in November every year, and Elections are held every December.
Nominations and Elections are announced via mailing list and in the IVRPA Forums.
Please contact bod@ivrpa.org for more information.

IVRPA Director - President

Jürgen Schrader

Jürgen Schrader BAVARIA360


I am a full time photographer specialized in spherical imaging and located in Bavaria in the South of Germany near Munich.

IVRPA Director - Vice President


Karyn Laudisi Garden Gnome Software


Multimedia Producer at Garden Gnome Software and Lecturer at the University of Technology of Vienna. I swim in the muck of all media be it audio, video, panorama photography, 360 video, fiber arts and music.

IVRPA Director


Juan Camilo Infante Barón Perspektiva 360 S.A.S


I am passionate about Entrepreneurship and technology. I have been on the recent organizers team for Belfast where he gave a workshop on native VR app development. Co-founder at a VR company, 360 photographer, Unity Developer for Oculus/OpenVR, I am also an US State-Fellow(https://ylai.state.gov/), a network of Young entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean,…

IVRPA Director - Treasurer

Denis Gadbois

Denis Gadbois vrpanorama.ca


My research at the University of Calgary focuses on panorama and 360 degree photography. 360 degree photography is a unique way to capture the whole world around us. For artistd 360 photography allows a lot of options to customize the view or projection providing their unique way to see the world. My career in academe…

IVRPA Director - Social Media

Tanja Barnes

Tanja Barnes


Through the use of 360° panoramic imagery I'm exploring and investigating spaces that artists create, fabricate, work in and/or find inspirational. Based in Los Angeles, I have created and purveyed 360 VR photography since 2010. In 2015, I was honored to be a Guest Researcher at the International Animation & Virtual Reality Research Center (iAVRrc)…