IVRPA Board of Directors, 2020

IVRPA Directors are elected annually as per the IVRPA bylaws.
Nominations for new IVRPA Directors are open in November every year, and Elections are held every December.
Nominations and Elections are announced via mailing list and in the IVRPA Forums.
Please contact bod@ivrpa.org for more information.

IVRPA Director - President

Loren Price Sereneview


As a founding member of the IQTVRA, Loren is the longest serving member of the IVRPA and is its current president. His first 360 experience was at Disneyland's Circarama theater in 1965 with the America the Beautiful film. His experience includes working with small and large clients in real estate, automotive, healthcare, and travel destinations.…

IVRPA Director - Vice President

Brian Richards 360fusion.net


I have worked in many capacities within the fields of education, information technology, multi-media and instructional design, in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Romania, and since 2000 in the USA. An avid Photographer for most of my life I began exploring 360 VR Photography while working with faculty and students, and in 2010 attended the IVRPA…

IVRPA Director - Secretary

IVRPA Director - Treasurer

Gavin Farrell PANOGS


Gavin Farrell is the co-founder of the cinematic VR company Panogs, an Emmy-award winning VR filmmaker, the host of The Panographers, and in 2018 his panoramic gigapixel work was published by Taschen in the sumo-sized edition book: Murals of Tibet. Gavin has been involved with IVRPA since Tucson 2010 when he assisted xRez Studio with…

IVRPA Director

Rachel Bracker With the Wind and the Stars


Rachel Bracker is a 360/VR filmmaker who loves using documentary to open minds and encourage understanding. She has created several immersive films as a director, editor, and producer with 360 Labs. Her stories bring viewers to the heart of the Grand Canyon, the epicenter of a forest fire, and into the living room of the…

IVRPA Director

IVRPA Director - Marketing & Communications Chair

Matt Rowell 360 Labs


I got my start into panoramic photography in 2012 when I joined the Google Business View program and immediately got hooked on VR and immersive content creation, jumping head-first into 360 video and more. Later founded 360 Labs in 2014, a VR production company based in Portland, Oregon, specializing in cinematic quality 360 content creation…

IVRPA Executive Director

Angela Bedell


Ms. Bedell serves as the staff leadership for IVRPA. Her father and sister are both successful photographer/videographers in Southern California and she has been around similar businesses for decades. Ms. Bedell has two marketing degrees and completed PhD coursework in nonprofit leadership. Her forte is building communities (both digital and association), increasing membership and strengthening…

IVRPA Financial Director