Lead Referral

Traffic on our web site is always active with people interested in 360 VR photography and video and clients seeking a local source for their projects. By entering basic keywords into our search engine, potential employers can query our membership database to find you. These inquiries have generated numerous leads and many well-paying jobs for our members.


The IVRPA sponsors events where leading developers are given the opportunity to demonstrate their tools, members can network with others within the industry, and where everyone has a grand time. In addition, we host exclusive content on this web site for Members Only. This content will be automatically available to logged in members, and includes streaming video of technical demonstrations, marketing opportunities, and other resources.

Product Discounts

Members are eligible for discounts of 5-15% with sponsoring companies marketing VR-related products. Contact our sponsors directly for qualifying discounts.

Members Only Mailing-list and Forum

Members are automatically added to our members-only mailing list where they can exchange ideas, receive tips and new product information, and ask technical or other questions to a more select, professional community.

Product Input

Companies producing VR photography equipment and software look to our members for feedback as they develop, refine, and market products. As a member, you are encouraged to help shape the future of VR Photography.

Event Discounts

IVRPA members can join events organized by the IVRPA or its members for free or for reduced prices. These offers will be announced for each event separately on the IVRPA mailing list and forum.

IVRPA web gallery for VR and stills

IVRPA members can embed 360° VR panoramas, virtual tours, 360° video projects in their personal gallery. Furthermore, members can post 'header-panoramas' that are immediately visible in every page of the IVRPA website. Showcase your work!

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