Sergey Semenov - -


Moscow, , Russia

Born in 1983. My first conscious acquaintance with photography happened in 2003, when a simple digital 1.3Mp hand-held camera landed in my hands. I was highly impressed with the fact that a photo appeared on a screen right away! After that I became a fan of photography and dedicated all my spare time to it.

I graduated with honors in International Economy, and spent 7 years working as an economist in International Business Affairs field. However, the crisis changed everything for me: my office file turned into home and travels; my business suit turned into a fleece jacket; my leather case became a camera bag; my office notebook transformed into a desktop computer with two enormous screens; and Excel and SAP software got replaced with Adobe Photoshop. ;)

I find inspiration in romantic beauty of Northern America National Parks; mountains of Patagonia; glacier lagoons of Iceland; sand dunes of Sahara desert; and jungles of Brazil as well as in irresistible energy of big cities.

I joined to share my photographs with those who can't travel due to different reasons. This is exactly how I see AirPano's mission — to show the most beautiful places of our planet to the public in a way nobody did before: from a bird's-eye view, with an ability to move and look around freely.