eje inc.

Tokyo, , Japan
Born in Osaka in 1972, Chiaki taught herself photography and in 1995 was hired as a photographer for producing CD-ROMs and websites for enterprises at ad agency Knot Co., Ltd. Chiaki en- tered the world of VR photography and development around 1996, and have created many VRs for buildings, art museums, and business complexes. In 2005, Chiaki established eje Inc. For the first decade of estab- lishment, the company concentrated on planning, production and management of websites, as well as the development of smartphone apps for both iOS and Android platforms. The com- pany began development of original VR apps in 2014, and released VR CRUISE, Japan’s first VR portal app for Gear VR, on the Oculus platform. In 2016, the company also shot Japan’s first 360° VR live in 4K quality for an artist.