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Bangkok, , Thailand
Adding to the two Emmy Award Nominations for work with Alchemy Immersive on Micro Monsters with David Attenborough and Kingdom of Plants, along with his multiple 3D Awards, are the four Hollywood Guerilla Film Festival for three VR Films, The Crown, Forced Out & The Cave Rescue VR Experience. Al Caudullo has utilized his 40 years of video production experience as a foundation for immersive image capture and storytelling. Working on multiple VR projects for Bill Gates, Ian G. Saunders, Creative Director, The Gates Notes, said, "…His vast experience at every level of execution, from concept to post-delivery, makes Al the ideal partner for anyone seeking to enter the 360° or VR space. I'm pleased that I got to work with him to see the magic in action. Even beyond all the tools and the know-how, I would most of all recommend Al because he is a pleasure to work with." 3D industry icon Sandy Climan, former CEO of 3Ality, referred to Caudullo as "a 3D evangelist". Immersive Storyteller, Teacher, and Tech Journalist qualify Al as a triple threat of talent and innovation. His in-demand creative production adventures have taken him around the world to the farthest reaches. The Gobi Desert, Mongolia, China, Europe, Australia, and the USA are some places he has been called on to design and create innovative immersive productions.