Federico Debetto - -


Livorno, Tuscany, Italy
I'm a 360° content specialist, since 2014 I'm a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, and in 2015 I have created the first Italian project of touristic promotion through Google Street View virtual tours. From that day I steadily work to improve this kind of project and to export in several countries across Europe with the integration of drone aerial panoramic photography in the last years. With my company, KMedia, we have mapped completely Albania in 2017 and thanks to that project I was one of the speakers at Google Street View Summit 2017 in Tokyo, presents my large areas tourism promotional tours. Speaker at Google Street View Summit 2018 in Mountain View, with a speech about Elba Smart Exploring project, the first systematic mapping in the world of an entire island. I'm a tester and content provider for Insta360, the leading manufacturer in 360 cameras. I'm one of the creators of the project "Zanzibar for good".