Francois Mark - -

I am the CEO of Interactive Graphics Studios and founder of, a non-profit award-winning EduTech startup based in Mauritius. The mission of AfriEDX is to bring creativity and social development within the African Community through Innovative technologies like Virtual Reality (VR). I am also a Coursera mentor on VR and 360° Video Production and part of the Central team of Global Peace Chain to promote peace worldwide using immersive technologies. Having been a civil servant for 9 years (2000 to 2009), I participated in the preparation of a huge amount of materials to promote Mauritius as the strategic location in the Indian Ocean for business in Africa. Through my upcoming book “Virtual Reality Demystified” and AfriEDX, my aim is to contribute to the technological enhancement of education with the objective of helping to reduce school dropout rate worldwide, making classroom activities interactive, engaging and dynamic. Through AfriEDX, we also assist businesses in immersive technologies to expand and reach new market.