Gerald Blondy - -

Bushman Panoramic

Brno, , Czech Republic

Gerald BLONDY, Founder and CEO, Bushman Panoramic.

With studies of electronics, carpentry and acoustics among others along with his constant traveling and relocations to places such as Morocco, South Africa, Congo, across Europe and the USA Mr. Blondy has acquired a strong and unique obsession with details and design, across the years his innovation, love for esthetics and his photography talent brought him to create Bushman Panoramic which was only a natural path.

Bushman Panoramics (Founded 2001) first product brought the lightest spherical panoramic head (KALAHARI 380g) to the market with all of Mr. Blondy’s idealism stored within it; from the slick and soft on the eyes design to toughness and practicality the KALAHARI is an idle standard for all of Bushman Panoramics products