Jan van der Woning - IVRPA Member

Studio Jan van der Woning

Amsterdam area, Noord Holland, Netherlands
Jan van der Woning wanted to become a photographer when he made his first picture at age sixteen and became a professional at the age of 25 when he got his grade for photography from the Dutch "Fotovakschool". He also studied at Hans Goetze, now the Academy for Photography. Most of his work is commercial but in 1999 he started to make 396 degrees panoramic images and the work shifted more to editorial and interactive photography for websites, CD-Roms and DVDs. His photos are printed with the latest techniques and in the highest quality, mostly in large formats and are sold at artmarkets, galleries and museums. He is in the ING artcollection. Exhibtions have been in The Panorama Mesdag Museum in the Hague Netherlands, Artkite Museum in Detmold Germany, Photokina Cologne Germany, Macworld San Fransisco USA and others. He speaks 3 languages fluently and 3 fairly well so communication during travel is not a problem. He travelled through many countries in Europe, North and Central Africa, Asia and the United States including Alaska. There he photographed the consequences of Climate change. He also visited Middle and South America and Borneo, Indonesia for WWF and Greenpeace to make panoramas of illegal logging. And he made an expedition to the Antarctic as part of an art project. Advertisement agencies like Publicis use his photography for campaigns for example for Renault, where Jans articity and commerciality are combined.