John Schwarzell John Schwarzell Photography
Los Angeles, California, United States

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John has photographed panoramas around the world since 1997, originally by pin-registering 35mm film and scanning and cleaning it to produce his first panoramas while attending the Brooks Institute of Photography (BFA 1999). Since then, John has been photographing hotels, resorts, spas, conferencing centers and much more as a panographer, while also shooting architecture, people, events and nature to name a few. He has moderate to high level experience in KRPANO and other coding and tour and website building, and is a master panorama stitcher and working to be a top technician in 360º Video capture and stitching as well. Currently John is working on Cinematic VR projects with other iVRPA members, and provides all digital support for a variety of projects for still, panoramic, and video projects.

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