Rachel Bracker

Rachel Bracker - IVRPA Director Member

With the Wind and the Stars

Portland , Oregon, United States
Rachel Bracker is a 360/VR filmmaker who loves using documentary to open minds and encourage understanding. She has created several immersive films as a director, editor, and producer with 360 Labs. Her stories bring viewers to the heart of the Grand Canyon, the epicenter of a forest fire, and into the living room of the world’s oldest drag queen. She is currently directing “With the Wind and the Stars”- a 360 docuseries that follows the lives of female pilots pursuing their dreams in the world of aviation. “I’m directing this series because I want to see more women acknowledged, celebrated, and represented in our world. When we see a woman’s story prioritized, it helps us on our individual journeys of self-actualization. Suddenly, a way forward seems possible. Inner-strength is fortified. And hopefully, dreams become reality.” Rachel is a Certified Expert in Adobe Premiere Pro and teaches 360 camera operation and video editing at NW Documentary.