Richard Ollier

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Lille, , France

Richard Ollier is the CEO and co-Founder of GIROPTIC, a private electronic R&D and manufacturing company with headquarters in Lille, France, and a sales office in San Francisco, USA.

After graduating from HEI, one of the top engineering schools in France, Richard Ollier worked in Japan as interactive planner within TEQUILA, a sister company of TBWA, part of the Omnicom advertising group. This is where Richard developed expertise on how to design impactful advertising campaigns targeting a global consumer market on multiple platforms, and how to create and manage content online and mobile devices. With this experience in advertising and digital media, his technical training and love for technology gadgets, Richard returned to France and in 2008 co-founded GIROPTIC and focused on developing innovative 360° vision technologies.

As CEO of GIROPTIC, Richard has assembled a highly qualified team of optical, software and electronic engineers that developed the world’s first 360° imaging sensor. This core technology became the foundation of building a global product company with the first generation of 360° cameras developed for the business sector in the real estate and tourism market.

Inspired by success of his first generation of camera, Richard decided to introduce 360° camera to the consumer market. That led him to design the 360cam – the world’s first full HD 360° camera. 360cam, launched on Kickstarter in May 2014, became the biggest crowdfunding campaign ever undertaking by a French company, raising over $1.4 million in funding and securing 4,000 in pre-orders.

GIROPTIC U.S. Inc. was formed with an office in San Francisco for the purpose of distributing, marketing and selling 360cam and providing fulfillment and after-market support.