Roy Horton Drone Photography
Braunton, Devon, United Kingdom

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I specialise in aerial and ground 360 photography of landscapes, golf courses, architecture and buildings. I have pioneered the use of drones for new commercial uses of aerial 360 panoramas. My background for over 25 years has been the development renovation and construction of listed buildings, golf courses, leisure facilities, clubhouses and hotels. My love of landscapes and architecture has been with me most of my adult life, and I have been fortunate to be involved with the construction of 12 golf courses in the UK, changing the landscape of over 2,000 acres. This business journey has seen me involved with the renovation and construction of listed buildings and their surrounding man-made landscapes. I have a creative and practical approach to aerial and ground 360 photography. From 2006 I started to use helicopters to capture the unique aerial views to use in brochures, marketing material and record development progress. This made me aware of the power of aerial photography when used over landscapes and buildings. I am a Civil Aviation Authority approved Drone pilot and operator. I am a Google Street View trusted 360 photographer. I have a successful drone photography business and also train and lecture on 360 photography. In 2019 I have been developing 360 aerial video using drones and this is now been tested and rolled out for selected clients. My personal website is at My business website is

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