Uli Futschik - -

Koncept VR

Uli is a 360 filmmaker and co-founder of Koncept VR, a New York City based 360/VR video production company. Uli’s journey started with a Ph.D. in quantum physics before embracing a creative career with the arrival of the latest VR wave. Alongside Joergen Geerds, she co-founded Freedom360 LLC, designing 360 cameras and hardware, and pioneering 360/VR experiences. With roles spanning producer, director, writer, and more, Uli has been instrumental in numerous successful VR projects. She is particularly drawn to crafting 360/VR documentaries that focus on personal narratives. Koncept VR’s 360 films were part of the official selections in renowned film festivals and received awards such as Webbys and Shortys. Committed to projects with cultural and social impact, Uli explores novel ways of communication and education through XR technologies.