Kevin Leetch - -
I am based in Devon in the UK , I First started in the Virtual Tour 360 Photography business in Southern Spain in 1999 using the then ipix platform. I was one of the first Real Estate companies there to use 360 images to develop a website around it. The site featured a map of the area and 360 images of properties and more importantly the area, beaches, marinas, golf courses etc. The site was recommended in the national press in the UK and Spain as one of the best and resulted in being able to compete with much larger competitors. This is why I believe in the power of in particular Google Street View and Maps virtual Tours for business. I also have 30 years Sales, Marketing and Business experience with Virgin, Adidas, Head, Motorola and Yellow Pages, I have returned to This industry recently as a Trusted Google Photographer because of the advances in technology, the internet and involvement of Google. I believe makes it a much more viable marketing tool in particular local SME's in the UK.