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Casinalbo, Modena, Emilia Romagna, Italia

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My name is Fabrizio Chyrek and since 1998 I'm head of the VisualPro photo-video studio, headquartered in Modena. VisualPro 360is VisualPro's spinn-off that deals with virtual and immersive realities, such as the project we are developing for Action Aid (delivered at the end of September), thanks to an immersive video and a scenery built in Milan in Piazza Duomo , We will raise awareness of the users who will wear VR glasses on the topic of female genital mutilation. The video will be shot in part in Africa and partly in our studio. Screenplay and uninterrupted activity will allow Action Aid to select users and focus on who is interested in deepening and donating. VisualPro 360 has all the experience behind creating quality and interactive content videos collected by VisualPro over the years. Starting from the first photo and immersive tour projects in 2002, performed for Ferrari, Smeg, New Holland, Piaggio Aereo, Maserati. Ultimately the experience of Parmigiano Reggiano, creating a VR 360 video distributed in US schools to tell how our dairy excellence is born. I run the Blog “NEWS VR”Blog and I have just started a new VideoBlog project dedicated to the VR world, open to all Italian industry professionals. The VisualPro 360 team consists of 3 photo-video operators, 1 photography assistant, 1 html5 developer specialized in VR projects, 1 account manager. We use the best VR technology with both commercial and customized equipment. Everything on land or in flight with 2 drones of different reach. We also regularly provide you with other experienced programmers based in Bologna, Modena, Milan, in different languages ​​for projects based on: Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, Htc Vive, Microsoft Hololens, Iphone AR, Sony Playstation VR. Here you can watch our short Showreell dedicated VR projects. Our headquarter is in Modena at the VisualPro posing theater, its representation and sales center is in Milan at Tag Talent Garden.

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