Denis Gadbois
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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My research at the University of Calgary focuses on panorama and 360 degree photography. 360 degree photography is a unique way to capture the whole world around us. For artistd 360 photography allows a lot of options to customize the view or projection providing their unique way to see the world. My career in academe began in 1987 at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi where I provided instruction in 2d and 3D design at the Faculté des Arts et Lettres. In 1989 I left that position to join the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary to teach product design until June 2013. I am now a faculty member of the Department of Art and teach digital photography, 3d fabrication, and design history. Recent awards include: Epson International Awards 2014 Runner Up Open Build environment International Photo Awards Competition 2014 Pro International Photo Award Competition 2014 Pro International Photo Award Competition 2014 Pro Creative Asia 6th overall Street and Travel Category International Photo Awards 2014 (not 360) Imagine Winner Every Picture Tells a Story 2014

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