Belfast 2019: Program & Speakers

The International Virtual Reality Photography Association Conference

The Belfast 2019 conference will be four days of superb talks and workshops.  They will cover a wide range of topics in the 360 VR photographic and video fields and deal with expert techniques and secrets as well as news and hands-on demonstrations of the latest software and hardware.

Remember, the IVRPA conferences are where the very best in the VR space meet to share ideas and help each other.

This schedule will be updated, and details changed as new speakers and workshops come aboard.

Join IVRPA as a Professional member (or an Academic member if you qualify) to get discounted conference tickets as well as to support IVRPA itself as it promotes excellence and learning in the VR industries.



Mike Sikorski

Founder of Huggity, who took gigapixel photography to a new level by streamlining it’s production and the way it’s sold to brands, which resulted in creation of a new sponsorship inventory and fan engagement tool used at the most exciting events on the planet. Huggity innovative approach resulted in delivery of over 400 FanPics in…

Juha Kela Finwe Ltd.

Juha Kela, CEO and Founding member of Finwe Ltd and Chairman of the board and founder of Finwe provides services and tools for a superior mobile panorama video viewing experience. FinCloud offers services for 360 video production including consultation and sales of 360 video equipment.

Andrew Baddeley NCTech Ltd

Andy has spent the last 12 years working with spherical imaging systems and joined NCTech in 2012 as Technical Sales Director. Prior to NCTech Andy worked for BAE systems in Saudi before launching 360 Tactical VR. Andy brings a high level of imaging expertise to NCTech and is able to work closely with customers at…

Uli Futschik Koncept VR

Uli is a 360 filmmaker and co-founder of Koncept VR, a New York City based 360/VR video production company. Uli’s journey started with a Ph.D. in quantum physics before embracing a creative career with the arrival of the latest VR wave. Alongside Joergen Geerds, she co-founded Freedom360 LLC, designing 360 cameras and hardware, and pioneering…

Joergen Geerds Koncept VR

Joergen is cofounder of Koncept VR. He started his career as Art Director in NYC advertising, changed focus to panoramic photography, and became hooked on 360 video in 2011. In 2012 he patented the first fully spherical 360 camera, and has tirelessly worked since then to develop 360 video into a medium with its own…

Juan Camilo Infante Barón Perspektiva 360 S.A.S

I am passionate about Entrepreneurship and technology. I have been on the recent organizers team for Belfast where he gave a workshop on native VR app development. Co-founder at a VR company, 360 photographer, Unity Developer for Oculus/OpenVR, I am also an US State-Fellow(, a network of Young entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean,…

Silvia Mascia

After studying Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage at the Ca'Foscari University of Venice, she obtained her master's degree at the DAMS of the University of Udine. Her research focus is of panoramic cinema between industry and spectacle, and she investigates how moving images can create an immersive experience. Also, she is a recipient of…

Christian Richardt

Christian is a Lecturer (=assistant professor) and EPSRC-UKRI Innovation Fellow at the University of Bath. His research combines insights from vision, graphics and perception to reconstruct visual information from images and videos, to create high-quality visual experiences with a focus on 6-degree-of-freedom VR video.

Dee Harvey

Dee Harvey is an immersive and interactive artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is currently writing and directing an animated VR experience about miscarriage, produced by Chi Thai and executive produced by Nell Whitley (Marshmallow Laser Feast). In 2017 she was selected for Reframed, an immersive artist residency at Lighthouse in Brighton. She has…

Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano Zakato Interactive Imaging

I come from a background of research in 3D computer graphics. One quiet and clear day, while surfing the net, I got hooked with the fisheye magic of panoramic interactive images. That happened by the end of the 2nd millennium, and since then I have been fishing 360º images.

Dominik Baumann Ringier AG /

Multimedia Producer at Ringier AG, BLICK/Newsroom in Zurich.

Martin Hopkins Garden Gnome GmbH

Martin Hopkins (aka Hopki) is Garden Gnome Software’s support guru. He leads the conversations on the forums, social sites and support mail. Not only that, he is also the in-house master of Pano2VR and Object2VR with an amazing amount of know-how for the software.

Keith Martin

Keith has extensive experience as a print and digital graphic designer, photographer, writer, programmer and lecturer. He is author of the Exif Fixer app and web service, and he pioneered embedding 360 panoramas in EPUB digital books. Keith has worked in the print media production sector since the mid-1980s and print design since the late…

Alin Bugeag GoThru

Alin Bugeag is CEO at GoThru Media Inc. He has been a trusted photographer since 2012 and has done more than 500 Street View tours in the Toronto, Canada area. In March 2015, GoThru saw the need for a way to save and update constellations in the Street View editor and created the GoThru plug-in.…

Sabetta Matsumoto

Dr. Sabetta Matsumoto Assistant Professor, School of Physics, Georgia Tech. I'm a theoretical physicist, physics professor, applied mathematician. Interested in geometry, low dimensional topology and mathematical art (and cats).

Thomas Rauscher Garden Gnome Software

After starting with computer graphics at age 13, I took a detour into electronics and databases. But, my first digital camera, The World Wide Panorama project, and PanoTools reignited my interest in computer graphics which spurred me to create my first panorama software Pano2QTVR. 20 years later and my team and I continue to provide…

Thomas Pape

I'm a sound designer and a VR director who works mostly with 360 video and cinematic content. I specialize in using 3D audio for narrative VR and 360 film, and are doing research into long format 360 films.

Henry Segerman

Henry Segerman received his masters in mathematics from the University of Oxford, and his Ph.D. in mathematics from Stanford University. He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at Oklahoma State University. His research interests are in three-dimensional geometry and topology, and in mathematical art and visualization. In visualization, he works in…

Denis Pellerin

Denis Pellerin is a self-taught photo-historian with an MA in Art history from the Sorbonne and, most importantly, a very strong passion for nineteenth century stereo photography. Denis has been researching and learning about the history of stereo photography for over 30 years and has written multiple articles and books on the subject, both in…

Rachel Bracker Hungry Mantis

Rachel is a 360°/VR filmmaker with a passion for immersive storytelling. At her company Hungry Mantis, she works with clients to create 360° videos and traditional videos for training, education, and entertainment. In her 360° docuseries “With the Wind and the Stars,” she puts viewers inside the cockpit and onto the surface of Mars to…

Bradley Gill 360 Labs

Brad Gill is a Portland VR filmmaker with a degree in Advertising Management from Portland State University. He has been working diligently in the virtual reality medium for over 6 years. He believes that virtual reality can help save the world if used for good. After graduating from PSU, Brad has worked with a variety…

Thomas Sharpless

Biochemist/Engineer/Panographer in Philadelphia, PA. Like to write software, hack with cameras, walk dogs. Contributor to Hugin, developer of Panini and PT3D s/w. IVRPA member since 2011; past director. Ambition: to create an automatic 6-dof 3D stitching system.

Geoffrey Bruce Manager of Immersive Technologies - ASU

Geoffrey is the Manager of Immersive Technologies and serves as the Chief Exploration Software Architect for the ETX (Education Through eXploration) Immersive Virtual Field Trip team at Arizona State University. His work focuses on VR, AR, XR and 360° research and development of interactive adaptive content to enhance the educational experience of users through the virtual…

Ignacio Ferrando Abaco Digital

I'm a Spanish profesional photographer, I do 360 images since 1995... On the last years I have done many interesting projects in this area, especially on action panoramas of outdoor activities... Actually I'm working more with 360 Video.

Jeremiah Scott Boeing

Jeremiah leads a team of technical photographers, coders and retouching experts building Virtual Tours for a myriad of applications at Boeing. “APEX” or Advanced Photographic Engineering Experience -Virtual Tours are utilized as interactive platforms and aligned with manufacturing processes. By leveraging high-quality photography with engineering levels of accurate retouching, we’ve configured the traditional idea of…

Roy Horton Drone Photography

I specialise in aerial and ground 360 photography of landscapes, golf courses, architecture and buildings. I have pioneered the use of drones for new commercial uses of aerial 360 panoramas. My background for over 25 years has been the development renovation and construction of listed buildings, golf courses, leisure facilities, clubhouses and hotels. My love…

Yuqing Guo

From Beijing, China, Yuqing Guo is a 360 VR photography maniac! Guo has given presentations about his work in 360 VR photography at Photoworld Magazine, a publication for which he has also written articles about panoramic photography. In 2018 and 2015, Guo won the Silver Award in the 360/VR category at the EPSON International Pano…

Federico Debetto KMedia

I'm a 360° content specialist, since 2014 I'm a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, and in 2015 I have created the first Italian project of touristic promotion through Google Street View virtual tours. From that day I steadily work to improve this kind of project and to export in several countries across Europe with the…


Whatcanyousee Alexruhl Ivrpatalk “What Can You See?”: Tales From A VR Cinema & Pondering The Future Of Cinematic 360 - 360 creator Alex Rühl shares stories from her recent residency curating and hosting a monthly pop up VR cinema funded by the BFI in the UK. As a 360 filmmaker herself, she’ll share insight into what cinema audiences loved/hated about the medium and how that’s informing her own creative practice. Date and time for this… Read More
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Banner Virtual Tours for Aerospace Manufacturing -   Jeremiah Scott will present several case studies in Virtual Tour applications at Boeing. Sharing an overview of the APEX team’s proven processes and several key components that have been critical to leveraging the traditional idea of a virtual tour as a vital tool instead of a “nice to have” item. Jeremiah will also share… Read More
Segerman2 Transforming Immersive Video To Build Impossible Worlds - What kinds of post-process transformations make sense for immersive photographs and video? We can rotate the sphere, but is there an analog to zoom in flat video? It turns out that there is a not-so-obvious, but mathematically natural way to zoom. As an application, we use this to create looping worlds. Other functions can "unwrap"… Read More
Image From IOS The Pilot Era Camera Philosophy - In this talk Jeffrey will briefly review the state of the 360 camera industry as a whole, how the Pilot Era camera fits into our evolving landscape, and why it is a groundbreaking device that deserves paying close attention to. Date and time for this talk at IVRPA Belfast 2019 are TBD. Presented by
Dg G8HNH The NCTech Virtualizer Programme - How do you make the creation and access of virtual world possible for everyone? The NCTech Virtualizer Programme is a project to create a fully realised virtual world, enabled by a community of data capturers, Virtualizers. There are businesses and agencies that have a need for worldwide big data, making industries such as smart cities… Read More
Stereoscopic Stereoscopy: the Victorian Virtual Reality - Virtual Reality is much older than one might think -- it actually began with the stereoscope, back in the 1850s, when stereoscopy became a craze and millions of cards were produced over a relatively short period. Stereo cards allowed the Victorians to discover a world few had actually seen for real but that they could… Read More
Gold Sponsor Post Template (frame) Ricoh THETA To Deliver Keynote Address at IVRPA Belfast - The Ricoh Theta 360-degree camera captures everything in front of its two wide-angle lenses with just one single shot. Ricoh has brought 360-degree imagery closer to a wide audience since the first Ricoh Theta was introduced in 2013. The new Ricoh Theta Z1 is equipped with a 1-inch type sensors capable of capturing far more… Read More
2018-Epson-Pano-Awards-VR-Silver-4 Point & Shoot Cameras: 360 VR Photography Workflow - These days "point and shoot VR cameras" are all the rage. They can capture our everyday lives in 360 and make them memorable. More than just a passing novelty, the images shot with these cameras are easy to share and enjoyable to experience. I believe point and shoot VR cameras are especially compelling in tiny… Read More
Copy Of Yunpeng Liu PHIIMAX3D 8K VR Panoramic Camera—TECHE - PHIIMAX3D, Professional panoramic camera with six Sony Exmor R CMOS and 12MP resolution aspherical lenses for it to ensure the high image acquisition quality. It can output 8K3D panoramic video. These processors use the same clock signal source to ensure the pixel level synchronization of each lens. Image storage uses SSD for unified storage; total… Read More
Talk-banner-image Parallel Narratives in 360 Video - 360 video is often hard for people to follow because it’s produced using the ‘director’s gaze’ approach of traditional film-making, which leaves viewers unsure of where to look. This explores flipping the problem on its head: presenting narratives in multiple places at once, just as conversations happen simultaneously in real life. This project uses directional… Read More
Belfast2019 Talk Pano2VR - Thomas Rauscher will present the latest features of Pano2VR version 6.   You’ll learn about new functionalities in the Skin Editor; Pano2VR’s powerful overlay editor that allows not only custom overlays but also custom instructions for interaction.             Thomas will show you how to best present your work in WebVR… Read More
Rainbow 800px Panel Debate: VR and diversity – Belfast 2019 - Let's Celebrate Diversity What is the VR industry doing well when it comes to diversity? What can companies do to continue to support diversity? What's 1 thing every person in this room can take away about helping to empower others no matter their background? Is it true women have more equality in the opportunities in… Read More
Future Copia 800px Panel Debate: The Future of VR – Belfast 2019 - Panel Debate: Where are we going? Where we want to be? Our Fears? Our dreams? What's the next big thing in VR? How do you see the VR Industry in next two years? The future of VR: Is 360 video dead or is it the new rising of a new era of image quality? Are… Read More
H2xr Title V3 Non-Euclidean Virtual Reality - What’s beyond the representation of the real world, beyond the simulation of an imaginary one? A deep immersion in new languages and possibilities of VR, in that place that’s between arts and sciences. Sabetta Matsumoto will guide us in worlds that are far away from our native perception experiences, thanks to an uncommon and rather… Read More
Promotional-Image-Neill02 MegaParallax: Towards 6-DoF 360° Panoramas - I will be presenting our latest approach “MegaParallax” for creating rich 360° panoramas with motion parallax. The input to our approach is a single video of a camera sweep of a real 360° environment. Based on our novel multi-perspective panorama representation, we can then generate new images from the viewpoint of the viewer on the… Read More
IVRPA-Banner LiveSYNC and 360° Video Starter Kit – Building blocks for VR presentation and industrial digitalization - Finwe's LiveSYNC tool started as a practical multiplatform presentation tool for VR content. LiveSYNC enables content creators to present their projects to their clients and partners from a simple and intuitive mobile application. Today, LiveSYNC tool has evolved into a feature-rich industry proven digitalization tool. LiveSYNC enables users to easily add comments and notes on… Read More
KikoInsta Kickstarting Streetview & Transferring 360 Technology In African Regions -   I'm part of a group of Google Trusted Photographers together with Chris Du Plessis and Nickolay Omelchenko, from different countries convinced that adequate tourism promotion can help developing countries to increase work and therefore the quality of life. Follow this idea we have created the project Map Africa for good. The idea is to… Read More
Francois Mark Talk Banner Belfast 2019 Immerse Into Africa’s Market Potential For VR - The potential for VR for Africa is just huge. All VR players wishing to expand and reach new markets are welcome to join us in the initiative to reach Africa. You will discover how the strategic location of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean can serve as your regional headquarters. Leveraging technological development, Mauritius has clearly… Read More
Copy Of Copy Of Copy Of Facebook Cover IVRPA Belfast 2019 (1) Hurry, hurry. Get your #Belfast2019 tickets before the price hike! - There's a ticket increase for IVRPA Belfast 2019 effective May 28th. Register today and save!
Unnamed How To Make A Travel Vlog Video and Ways To Create Immersive Content with Insta360 Cameras - Meet Shanil, Insta360 Brand Ambassador and creator of How To Make A Video. The thing he loves to do the most is make short, punchy, shareable videos for social media. Making videos is really fun! But making videos seems really complicated… His mission is to help people bridge the gap between 360 camera technology and… Read More
GoThru Gothru Progressive Web Applications – Innovative Technology, The Future Of Virtual Tours - At IVRPA Belfast 2019, Alin Bugeag of GoThru Media Inc. will be introducing a new technology for the virtual tours market: Progressive Web Applications (PWA) which can be described by having a web virtual tour to function like a native app. The content of the virtual tour automatically gets downloaded to the device, creating an… Read More
FanPic---2019 Gigapixel Crowd Photography Explained: the Fan Engagement tool from marketing to shooting and delivery - Mike is a founder of Huggity, who took gigapixel photography to a new level by streamlining it’s production and the way it’s sold to brands, which resulted in creation of a new sponsorship inventory and fan engagement tool used at the most exciting events on the planet. Mike will talk about ways Huggity sells their… Read More
Geoffrey Bruce BannerImage Gamification Using 360° Spherical Environments - Innovations in immersive interactive technologies are changing the way we explore the evolution of our planet, its environments, and its species. Combining 360° photographic and simulated spherical environments, gamification, and adaptive learning design triggers a user’s curiosity, resulting in heightened motivation and a richer, more unique personalized experience. This talk will focus on the benefits… Read More
Banner Image 800x400 Evolution Of Virtual Shop: From Concept To Commercial Product - How to bring the concept of virtual shopping to market as a viable, commercial product for the mainstream audience, and how to do it today. We will demonstrate how we managed to do just that, explaining the evolution of our approach through 3 different virtual shops we build. We will talk about what we learned… Read More
3d-audio-in-narrative-vr-800 400 Emotional Sound Design For Immersive Cinema - Why is 3D sound so important in narrative VR? In which part of the process should you start working with sound? How can VR sickness be addressed through clever sound work? Focusing on my experience with the 360 film "The Goldfish Theory" I'm going to present my experience with using Sound Design in VR story-telling.… Read More
6DoF Degrees of Freedom - Photographic virtual reality is going to get a lot more realistic. Stereoscopic 360 is just the beginning. Soon it will be normal to display 3D VR photos and videos in 6 degrees-of-freedom, that is, with real parallax shifts in response to head motion, like immersive versions of the popular Facebook 3D images. This will not… Read More
Mistika-VR-Beta-Phase-Tutorials-2 -Interface Creating the Truly Immersive Experience: A VR Post-Production Workflow Overview - From basic operations to the most advanced techniques of 360º post-production, SGO Product Specialist and Mistika Expert User, Adrian Gonzalez will reveal how to create a truly immersive 360º video content using the very latest Mistika Technology based solutions - tools that are giving time back to the creative process. In this overview session, IVRPA… Read More
Joshua-krook-highresscreenshot00 Creating a Rich Experience Through a Classic Adventure Game Using Non-linear Storytelling in VR - Joshua Krook will present a behind the scenes look at the storytelling of The Cinema Rosa: PC Game a story-driven narrative adventure game set in an abandoned art deco cinema that's filled with dark mysteries, puzzles and ghosts. Can you bring peace to these haunted hallways and bring back the Golden Age of Hollywood, or… Read More
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RH Coast-3 Aerial 360 for Landscape Management - Using Drones at a height of 60m -120m to take 360 aerial panoramas for a variety of exciting emerging commercial uses. First emerging commercial use covered is countryside and coastal stewardship These linked 360 aerial landscape panoramas allow the user to moves through an area covering up to 2.5 kilometers. These include areas that are… Read More
Download (1) 360° Panoramic Movies Of The Sixties - Virtual reality may be cutting-edge technology, but the desire for people to feel as if they’re immersed a picture isn’t new. The concept was first explored in the late 18th century with the invention of the pictorial panorama, patented by Robert Barker in 1787. Later, in the 1960s, 360-degree film techniques like Circarama and Totalrama… Read More
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44729786 10156287010234145 8340123630318911488 O 360 Frontier in Documentary and Journalism - Since I discovered 360 interactive photography in 1995, I haven’t stopped to work and investigate every related technology. Co-founder in 1998 of Abaco Digital, I have worked on hundreds of VR projects from 360 photography to stereo 360 video now. Among them I have worked on National Geographic, UNICEF, World Bank, and MSF; collaborating with some… Read More
Rachel And Brad IVRPA Talk Banner 360 Documentary Film Will Save Us! - VR is not mainstream... and that's a problem for all of us! For our industry to survive and grow, we need to build our audience. To do that, we must provide engaging content to attract more viewers into headsets. Rachel and Brad, 360/VR filmmakers, will explain how 360 documentary storytelling is the perfect entry point… Read More
Banner Baumann 360 Content in Current Media - The Swiss newspaper Blick has been producing 360 content for the past ten years. In his talk, Dominik will give us some valuable insight of the theory, practice and decision-making of his daily production routine and will share with us how the use and reception of 360 content have changed over the years and how… Read More
IF VR STILLS EP1 FLAT 180VR Drama: Intimate Spaces And Private Moments - Human stories happen in small spaces - cars, kitchens, bathrooms. I chose 180VR as the medium for my story because the story I was telling needed the unique potential for narrative transport offered by 180 storytelling . In this presentation I will talk about my experience of creating IF, a VR180 film about infertility that… Read More


Matchmaking is like speed dating but for businesses and is typical at both large and small business events. It is used as a way to meet other attendees with the hopes of finding the right deals/partners/distributors, etc. These are one on one meetings that are short and organized.

Over the years, we’ve gotten feedback that there isn’t as much social time or time to connect as preferred. We aim to remedy this in Belfast. We hope to use this type of speed dating to help delegates meet other delegates, to help find a specialist for an upcoming project, to learn about products and services, in a more structured setting, etc.

For example, say you have an upcoming project that requires an experienced drone operator. There are some experienced drone operators at our events. This would help you find all the drone operators in attendance and even help you find the best one for your project. Likewise, maybe you’re a drone operator looking for work. This would be a good chance to show people your work and find a job you’d like to be part of.

How does it work?

When you go to purchase your ticket, you will create an account with the b2match service (which is not only is our ticketing partner, but also organizes these meetings), you can create a profile. This profile will let you add a little about yourself, relevant keywords, videos, and images. You’ll also indicate what kind of meeting you’re looking for (i.e., looking for 360 photo drone operators).

So, if you are a video producer, you would add something like this:

ABC 360 Video Producer

Expertise: Documentaries, Short Films

Looking for: Experienced Drone operator

This information is added to the “Marketplace.” Here, you can go through the list (and filter as necessary) to find all the drone operators (available for work) in attendance.

You will then select all the ones you wish to meet. The others can accept or decline your request. When accepted, the system automatically set a time.

Meetings can be changed and canceled at any time.

There will be a location at the event with several tables with numbers on them. Simply show up at this location, and look for your table.

All of this will be managed through the b2match website (also available for mobile).

Excursion Belfast 2019 (14th June)

Magical Giants Causeway

Drive from Belfast up along the Antrim Coast Road - rated one of the Top Five Road Trips worldwide - this ever-changing tapestry of scenery and colours, set against the dramatic coastal backdrop will no doubt take your breath away. The tour will stop in areas of outstanding natural beauty and historical significance alongside a visit to locations used in the making of the series Game of Thrones.

Pick-Up: 8.45am

Depart: 9am

Return: 6pm

Schedule of Tour

Stop 01

Carrickfergus Castle 45 minutes

(admission charges apply *only if entering main castle - £5.50pp or £4pp for group of 10 or more)*

Stop 02

Cushendun Harbour and Caves and Caves 40 minutes (Game of Thrones film location)

Lunch stop in Mary McBride’s or Marine Court Ballycastle )

Mary McBride’s

Marine Court Ballycastle

Stop 03

Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge 1.25 hour

(admission charges apply*onlyif going across the bridge - £9.00pp or £7.20pp for group of 15 or more)*

Stop 04

Ballintoy Harbour 30 minutes (Game of Thrones film location)

Stop 05

Giants Causeway 1.25hr

(admission charges apply only going into visitor centre - £12.50pp or £8.75pp for group of 15 or more)

Stop 06

Dunluce Castle 45 minutes

(admission charges apply only if entering main castle - £5.50pp or £4.00pp for group of 10 or more)

Stop 07

Dark Hedges 30 minutes (Game of Thrones film location)


16 seater 15 + guide £549 = £36.60pp (15 people)

29 seater 28 + guide £750 = £26.78pp (28 people)

53 seater available 52 + guide £1100 = £21.16pp (52 people)


Register in b2match:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Go to My Attendance.
  3. Click on Friday.
  4. Select the excursion.

Register by Wednesday June 12th.

Thank you for your interest. Our Call for Speakers is now closed.