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The International Virtual Reality Photography Association Conference

General information


Prague 2015 is THE annual event of the 360° Panoramic VR industry that you definitely do not want to miss. Whether you are just starting out, interested in learning more, or a seasoned pro, you will return from this great destination with your head full of new ideas. The program will include 5 days of incredible VR Photography Talks, Workshops and Excursions surrounded by many of the most talented members of our community.

Prague 2015 Talks will cover a wide range of subjects from 360º panoramas to 360º Video, from hardware to software, from commercial to artistic uses of 360º panoramic imaging.

Prague 2015 Workshops will include a hands on tutorial from the masterminds behind some of the best panorama creation software currently available in our industry.

Prague 2015 Excursions will provide an opportunity for a group visit to fantastic locations in this historic city while group members discuss and learn various shooting techniques.

There will be two coffee breaks each day, and two dinners, opening and closing the conference.

Ticket and Registration

Before you can make your hotel reservation at the Early Bird rate, you have to buy your ticket for Prague 2015. Be sure to read the Event Description page before you decide the dates for your stay and your flights.

For Visa Invitation Letter request, please send an email to juergen.schrader@ivrpa.org

We sold the Early bird tickets almost instantaneously. Regular tickets are now for sale. Don't wait and buy your ticket. After April 30, if tickets are still available, late ticket rate applies.

Conference staff


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Hotel registration

Before you can proceed to your hotel reservation, you have to register for IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & Video Conference. After buying your ticket, you will receive an email with simple instruction to book your hotel.

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