Québec 2016: Talks

The International Virtual Reality Photography Association Conference

The Speakers

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Aaron D. Priest Aaron Priest Photography


Aaron D. Priest is a Master Photographer with twenty years of experience in professional photography. He specializes in high-resolution HDR 360° panoramas, gigapans, and 4K timelapses of Maine. He also creates virtual tours and teaches photography workshops on a variety of topics, from landscape astrophotography to panoramas and timelapses. His work has been featured by…

Alexandre Jenny Kolor - Gopro


Kolor Founder, Senior Director Immersive Media Solutions at GoPro Mining engineer, DEA graduate in Material Physics, with 5 years of expertise in the development of video games and member of the Georges Mélies Photo Club, Alexandre Jenny is passionate about photography. It is this passion that led him to develop the Autopano software.

Andrey Sudarchikov Airpano


Andrey live in Kaliningrad city, Russia. In 2008, Andrey saw his first 360° panorama VR. He was I was impressed and he decide to work in this area. He currently have a huge VR experience. Shooting panoramas, making virtual tours, krpano coding, web technologies and build desktop applications. He is actually working at Airpano.

Andrew Balfour Yahoo!


Andrew spent 10 years in the music industry as a writer, performer and producer. During that time his band’s music reached over 100 countries garnering over 50,000 downloads. Through this experience he realized the powerful impact the intersection of digital media, technology and data could have on storytelling. Transitioning into the advertising industry, he then…

Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano Zakato Interactive Imaging


I come from a background of research in 3D computer graphics. One quiet and clear day, while surfing the net, I got hooked with the fisheye magic of panoramic interactive images. That happened by the end of the 2nd millennium, and since then I have been fishing 360º images.

Ben Kreunen


Ben Kreunen is a scientific photographer currently working as the Technical Support Officer for the University Digitisation Centre at The University of Melbourne. He has been tinkering with panoramic photography since the late 1990s and also has interests in GIS data and 3D rendering of landscapes. In recent years he has become involved with 3D…

Boštjan Burger BURGER k.d.


Boštjan Burger (born 1966) is a Slovenian informatician, geographer, a panoramic and VR panoramic photographer and a speleologist. He was founder of the Burger.si website and had retired as computer programmer in the 1990s to become a geographic researcher on the hydrology of waterfalls. He used 360° Surround Photography as a tool in the research…

Charles Armstrong Google


Charles is Product Manager for Google Street View's publishing products and services, including the Street View app, Trusted program, and camera partnerships. Since 2010, Charles has been an active supporter of IVRPA and the broader professional panoramic photographer community. Prior to joining Google, he previously launched Sphere and TourWrist as companies in the space.

Clifford Dive Argon Design Ltd


VP Business Development at Argon Design, responsible for growing Argon Design’s consultancy business, with a special interest in Argon360, high quality real-time video stitching on a hardware platform. Since graduating from Oxford with an engineering degree, Cliff has enjoyed working on a broad range of leading edge software and electronic product developments working in organisations…

Gavin Farrell PANOGS


AKA “The Panographer” Gavin is a Visual FX producer of spherical panoramic experiences. His 21 year career includes 10 years as the head of Yahoo’s digital ad innovation team. In 2018 he received an Emmy for “Outstanding Digital Innovation” for the Sports Illustrated virtual reality film Capturing Everest. In 2014 his panoramic stitching skills landed…

Irene Vandertop Deep Inc.


Irene Vandertop is an Interactive Producer with more than ten years of experience producing, designing, and project managing in new media, TV broadcasting, and documentary production. At DEEP Inc Irene is heading the production of multiple high profile VR and 360 video projects. In 2014 she produced the Grimme Online awarded Polar Sea 360, a…

Ignacio Ferrando Abaco Digital


I'm a Spanish profesional photographer, I do 360 images since 1995... On the last years I have done many interesting projects in this area, especially on action panoramas of outdoor activities... Actually I'm working more with 360 Video.

Joergen Geerds Koncept VR


Joergen is cofounder of Koncept VR. He started his career as Art Director in NYC advertising, changed focus to panoramic photography, and became hooked on 360 video in 2011. In 2012 he patented the first fully spherical 360 camera, and has tirelessly worked since then to develop 360 video into a medium with its own…

KC Lai iZugar Studio


KC Lai, Founder of iZugar Studio. We created many super fisheye lenses for 360 video, and keep shooting seamless 4K video with just two gopro camera. Our 3D360 system is the most affordable solution that welcomed by the community.

Kirill Pokutniy

Krill Pokutnyy, Chornobyl360, co-founder WIT. WIT company specializes in software development and integration of interactive technologies (multi-touch surfaces, Kinect, projection mapping, augmented reality, etc.). Kirill is also the co-founder of Verum Visum, which specializes in virtual reality solutions development and 360 video production. Chornobyl360 is a new immersive VR documentary about the famous meltdown and…

Luc Villeneuve 360° Image


Luc has more than 30 years of experience in the field of technologies applied to the communication industry. Luc left the printing industry in 2010 and he is actually 100% dedicated to 360° media and virtual reality projects. Luc is the IVRPA organizer of Prague 2015 and Québec 2016

Martin Arnoux

Martin Arnoux, is an engineer at GoPro in the Kolor software division.

Richard Broo Wemersive


Richard started his career in the music industry at age seventeen, working for a music production company in Europe. After a decade working alongside major recording companies and artists, Richard jumped into the technology sector. Richard began working for an app development firm where they created one of the first VR mobile players. After successfully…

Thomas Rauscher Garden Gnome Software


After starting with computer graphics at age 13, I took a detour into electronics and databases. But, my first digital camera, The World Wide Panorama project, and PanoTools reignited my interest in computer graphics which spurred me to create my first panorama software Pano2QTVR. 20 years later and my team and I continue to provide…

Thomas Sharpless tksharpless.net


Biochemist/Engineer/Panographer in Philadelphia, PA. Like to write software, hack with cameras, walk dogs. Contributor to Hugin, developer of Panini and PT3D s/w. IVRPA member since 2011; past director. Ambition: to create an automatic 6-dof 3D stitching system.

Uli Futschik Koncept VR


Uli is a 360 filmmaker and co-founder of Koncept VR, a New York City based 360/VR video production company. Uli’s journey started with a Ph.D. in quantum physics before embracing a creative career with the arrival of the latest VR wave. Alongside Joergen Geerds, she co-founded Freedom360 LLC, designing 360 cameras and hardware, and pioneering…


IVRPA Images 1200x400 0000 Uli Orchestrating stories for VR – Québec 2016 - An interesting VR project takes those changes into consideration, making use of the format, while leaving the traditional “in front of the camera” aspect out of the equation. The story and the action need to evolve around the viewer, not just in one direction. Read More
Airpano-bear Shooting wildlife in 360 video – Québec 2016 - SPEAKER: Sergey Semenov Our new shooting 2015 - Land of bears. Shooting wildlife in 360video format from drone and onland. Kamchatka, Kuril islands. Airpano viewer. Software that helps. Main features: - Player/Viewer of most popular types of 360 media content - Multiwindow interface - Sortable and draggable files list - Drag and drop between windows… Read More
IVRPA Images 1200x400 0001 Joergen Embracing Motion in VR – Québec 2016 - SPEAKER: Joergen Geerds Camera movement in VR is still often frowned upon. But instead of shying away from the challenges of moving 360º camera systems, Koncept VR, Freedom360 and partners are always pushing the boundaries. Of course it is not motion just for motions sake. There should be motivation and purpose in changing camera position,… Read More
Mettle-01 Future Vision of VR – Québec 2016 - We will be discussing current and future trends in VR as well as the future of where VR technology is heading. The panel represents various leading minds in VR and there vision on where VR is heading. Moderator Panelist
Liquid Cinema Graphic Taking back control in VR storytelling with Liquid Cinema – Québec City 2016 - SPEAKER: Irene Vendertop Storytelling is vital in film making, but VR video completely undermines the traditional concept of the ‘director’s eye.’ How do you direct the audience’s attention in VR? Can the classic ‘cut’ be used at all? Where do graphics and subtitles go when the viewer could be facing anywhere? Liquid Cinema offers answers… Read More
GoPro-talk GoPro’s latest and upcoming developments in VR – Québec 2016 - SPEAKER: Alexandre Jenny Come & Touch the Future of VR: these words invite you to join GoPro at the IVRPA conference and discover the end-to-end solutions of the company in terms of virtual reality. Alexandre Jenny, founder of Kolor and Senior Director Immersive Media Solutions at GoPro, will present you the latest developments in hardware… Read More
Chornobyl360 Chornobyl360: Creating a VR Documentary – Québec 2016 - Making of Chornobyl360: Immersive 360 VR documentary about Chornobyl and Exclusion Zone Read More
02 Bridging the VR Advertising Gap – Quebec City 2016 - SPEAKERS: Andrew Balfour, Global Creative Innovation Lead and Gavin Farrell, Sr. Design Manager As the consumption of VR media continues to grow, advertisers are rushing to understand the landscape and produce high-quality VR content. Yahoo is bridging the gap for advertisers to build more immersive, meaningful experiences with new 360 image and video technologies. In… Read More
Roundshot-announcement New Roundshot VR Drive Metric – Québec City 2016 - SPEAKER: Urs Krebs, Roundshot Roundshot will present a new Roundshot VR Drive Metric - with 3D measurement and 3D tools - first time to the public at the IVRPA Conference in Québec City!
GardenGnome-featured-image Pano2VR 5: New Features and Workflow Basics – Québec 2016 - SPEAKER: Thomas Rauscher At the last IVRPA conference in Prague, we showed you our latest version of Pano2VR. Since then, it is out of Beta and we still have more we want to share with you. We will highlight some of the more notable features like the Patches mode, the Components Toolbox, Droplets, and Automatic… Read More
JeremyDoig-Talk-321 VR at Google – Québec 2016 - Speaker: Jeremy Doig, Engineering VP, Virtual Reality at Google Over the next few years, Virtual Reality technology will come to consumers in multiple forms - in imaging products, technology platforms and everyday consumption experiences. In this talk, Jeremy will outline Google's work in this exciting field and the opportunities for creators and visual storytellers to… Read More
CharlesArmstrong-Talk-321 Google Street View: Latest News – Québec 2016 - SPEAKER: Charles Armstrong, Product Manager, Google Street View 360 photography is evolving rapidly. DSLR–based panoramic photography remains the top–quality production workflow, but new cameras and services from Google are pioneering a future designed for mainstream adoption. In this talk Charles will share some of Google's progress as it gears up to support 360 photography at… Read More
Zakato Ivrpa Quebec 03 360º Cinematography: Using Panoramic Photography Techniques – Québec 2016 - Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano has been involved with panoramic image capturing since the beginning of the century and was recognised in 2011 as a Master of Contemporary Panoramic Photography. Read More
Ignacio-highlanders Shooting 360° Video: Challenges and Solutions – Québec 2016 - Challenges and Solutions: Shooting 360° Video around the globe with Ignacio Margelí Ferrando Read More
©Aaron Priest Astro-Panoramas: Capture Amazing light from the Night Sky – Québec 2016 - Capturing the Milky Way is an art. Aaron Priest has mastered the techniques of panoramic astrophotography and will share his experience with all attendees of IVRPA Québec 2016! Read More
Bostjan-Burger-Skocjanske-Jame 360° Surround Photography applied to Geography – Quebec 2016 - Speaker: Boštjan Burger 360° Surround images (360° Surround Photography) as the important geographical method of observation and analyses.
360cities--talk License your 360° Panoramas with 360Cities and Getty Images – Québec 2016 - 360cities.net is the preferred publishing platform for thousands of the best panorama photographers from around the globe. Participating photographers can earn royalties from their stock images via 360Cities' own content licensing activities as well as our exciting new worldwide distribution partnership with Getty Images.
Stitching-live-video-Argon Live Video Stitching – Québec 2016 - Speaker: Cliff Dive Argon Design, based in Cambridge, UK, is an electronic product design consultancy working in a number of market areas, with a distinguished track record in multimedia, image and video processing. A combination of our video domain experience and electronics design skills has enabled us to conceive and realise a unique approach to… Read More


All workshops are on Wednesday at the Château Laurier

Ivrpa-2016-gopro-workshop Deep dive in Autopano Video Pro & NLE plugins - Martin Arnoux, engineer at GoPro in the Kolor software division, offers a workshop about video-stitching in Kolor Autopano Video Pro, plus the use of the new NLE plugins for Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
Krpano-code KRPano Workshops: Starting, Extending & Mastering - Speaker: Andrey Sudarchikov KRPano is one of the most important and flexible pano player engines in our industry. Its droplets are good for quick production, but customising its output involves a very steep learning curve. Fortunately, Andrey Sudarchikov from AirPano is a seasoned KRPano pro, and he’s going to lead three IVRPA conference workshops on… Read More
Ivrpa2016-ben-kreunen-v2 From panoramas to photogrammetry – Québec 2016 - SPEAKER: Ben Kreunen Photogrammetry is becoming increasingly popular as a method of creating 3D data of real world scenes for use in game development, VFX and VR. Photogrammetry and panoramic imaging have quite a lot in common in terms of the image processing involved. A quick comparison of online forums will show very similar questions… Read More
Thomas-sharpless-TripleTight PT3D: Stitching Stereo Panoramas – Québec 2016 - Spherical panoramas look great in VR; 3-D spheres look spectacular. You can create stereoscopic spheres with standard panography tools, but it takes a lot of photos, a lot of skilled work, and considerable luck. To make 3-D spherical panography really practical, new tools are needed. Read More

Québec City 2016 Schedule

IMPORTANT NOTE: The excursion is on the May 23rd. Workshops are on Wednesday May 24 and the last talk is on Friday the 27th at 17:00.

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