Tokyo 2018

The International Virtual Reality Photography Association Conference

Welcome to Tokyo 2018 IVRPA Conference!

Tokyo 2018 - IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & 360° Video Conference, May 28-31 2018
IVRPA journeys to Japan with our 13th annual 360° VR Photography & Video Conference

Tokyo, Japan is the most populous metropolitan area in the world and has an eclectic mix of innovations in technology, science, and culture, and will now gather the talent and passions of VR/360º creators and developers for a conference not to be missed.

Our 13th annual Conference will feature 4 days of talks, workshops, panels, exhibitors and other events where you will learn from and meet the leaders of the VR industry.


Tokyo 2018 News

20180612 223053 Tokyo 2018: Google Street View Challenge – Winners - IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Google Street View Challenge Announcement IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Google Street View Challenge Winner's Gallery The winners of this year's Google Street View Challenge is a friendly panorama photography competition between IVRPA members attending the annual conference. Grand prize receives $250 in Walkinto credit and an Oculus Go headset. 1st place in each… Read More
GSV2018 Announcement: Google Street View Challenge – Tokyo 2018 - IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Google Street View Challenge Announcement The Google Street View Challenge is a friendly panorama photography competition between IVRPA members attending the annual conference. Attendees of the Tokyo 2018 IVRPA 360º VR Photography & 360º Video Conference are invited to scout Tokyo to find the most scenic sites of this amazing city, select… Read More
Vrspace Virtual Reality Presentation Space – Tokyo 2018 - Featured Experiences in the Virtual Reality Presentation Space at Tokyo 2018 : 700 Sharks (2 episodes) By Arte 360 VR / ARTE (France ) RHIZOMAT by  INVR / ARTE (Germany) UTURN By NativeVR (USA) As it is By 360 Labs (USA) Pandas By UTOVR & AirPano (China) ANICCA by INSTITUTE OF TIME / Ergin Sanal (Turkey) Hallelujah By Pacific VR and… Read More
Pexels-photo-248427 Opening Dinner and 20th Anniversary Celebration – Tokyo 2018 - At the conclusion of talks on the first day of the conference, IVRPA opening celebration will be held at Lapis Tokyo. This year we have even more to celebrate as IVRPA turns 20! There is NO dress code! Common menu · Salad with colored vegetables · Petit Qish of vegetables · Fruit Petit Tart &… Read More
Adobe X Insta360 169-1 - Max Richter “No-stitch editing” in Adobe Premiere Pro Workshop – Tokyo 2018 - Insta360 & Michael Ty will host a workshop at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference giving practical demos of the latest post-production workflows for the Insta360 Pro, including an exclusive introduction to the new “no-stitch editing” extension for Adobe Premiere Pro. Join to learn about the future of simple, intuitive VR post-production.
Eli~ - Max Richter Insta360’s New Tools for Intuitive Virtual Reality Production – Tokyo 2018 - Insta360’s New Tools for Intuitive VR Production Insta360 will introduce new technologies that address longstanding bottlenecks in the VR production workflow. Max Richter will share Insta360’s vision for spurring growth and creativity in the industry – with tools that bring VR production in line with the efficiency and ease of traditional video production. Attendees will… Read More
1600px USA2018 Manhattan Ss V01 C00 SSS5222 Ss L L 1200px - Sergey Semenov 2018 Virtual Reality Trends: AirPano Experience – Tokyo 2018 - 2018 Virtual Reality Trends: AirPano Experience AirPano is a project created by a team of Russian photographers focused on taking high-resolution aerial 360° photographs and 360° video. At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Sergey Semenov will provide updates on the work of the AirPano team in 2018 including: • 2018 VR and 360 trends. •… Read More
360° – A Compelling Medium for Brands & Agencies – Tokyo 2018 - How 360/VR Strengthens the Audience-Brand Relationship? Blend Media, the world's leading provider in distributing, producing and curating 360˚ content, will be hosting a panel debate with insights on how 360°/VR can improve the audience-brand relationship. The panel discussion will focus on discussing how to maximise ROI from 360° campaigns, best practices for pitching 360° projects… Read More
Panel-the-future Panel Debate: The Future of 360 Video and Photos – Tokyo 2018 -   Panel Debate: The Future of 360º Video and Photos There is a large quantity of stunning high quality 360 photography being produced. What are the challenges of bringing that same level of quality into 360 videos? What are some of the biggest challenges for 360 video and photography to become widely adopted? Is monetization… Read More
Silvia-cauca-ylai-perspektiva360-getupandgo-mercado-final - Mónica Mesa Re-Discovering the Magical Realism of Post-Conflict Colombia Using Virtual Reality – Tokyo 2018 - Re-Discovering the Magical Realism of Post-Conflict Colombia Using VR One of the biggest challenges in Colombia after the signing of the peace agreement is to consolidate actions from the territories that open the possibility of living calm in places where one day the war was latent for more than 50 years. Today the story is… Read More
P7890020 - Mic Ty 360 Cameras vs. Interchangeable Lens Cameras: Comparison of 360 Photos – Tokyo 2018 - 360 Cameras vs. ILCs: Comparison of 360 Photos from the Latest Generation of 360 Cameras and from Interchangeable Lens Cameras As we know, the highest quality 360 panoramas are shot with panoramic heads and interchangeable lens cameras. However, in recent years, one-shot 360 cameras have improved significantly. Are there now 360 cameras that can produce… Read More
VeeR How to Create Immersive Virtual Reality Content Beyond Boundaries – Tokyo 2018 - How to Create Immersive VR Content Beyond Boundaries VeeR is a global VR content platform with the mission of empowering everyone to create and share virtual reality content. With VeeR, you can simply upload VR content through mobile or web, share it with audience over 180 countries, and gain comprehensive insights from your VeeR data… Read More

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