Tokyo 2018: Program & Speakers

The International Virtual Reality Photography Association Conference

The Tokyo 2018 conference will be four days of superb talks and workshops.

These will cover a wide range of topics in the 360 VR photographic and video fields and deal with expert techniques and secrets as well as news and hands-on demonstrations of the latest software and hardware. Remember, the IVRPA conferences are NOT typical 'wannabe' VR events, these are where the very best in the world meet to share ideas and help each other. This year's event – which coincides with our 20th anniversary celebrations – is shaping up to be a very exciting and useful one.

This schedule will be updated and details changed as new speakers and workshops are agreed. Join IVRPA as a Professional member (or an Academic member if you qualify) to get discounted conference tickets as well as to support IVRPA itself as it promotes excellence and learning in the VR industries.


Schedule of Events, Talks, Workshops and Excursions for Tokyo 2018 IVRPA Conference


IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Program

The IVRPA Tokyo 2018 conference is THE 360 VR industry event! We are pleased and proud to be able to present this year’s 360 VR industry expert and in-depth talks, debates and workshops.

This year we have an exceptional list of speakers from all across our industry – from individual experts such as Al Caudullo, Nathalie Mathe and Rachel Bracker to media-defining organisations including Facebook, Adobe, Kolor and Google. On top of this there are fourteen different workshops for you to choose from! Whatever your area of expertise, we know you will leave this year's conference with valuable new knowledge, experience and understanding.

If you don’t have your ticket yet there’s still time to order them and IVRPA Members get a discount.

Special things worth noting include the opening keynote talk given by Facebook, a VR Experience space, our special Opening and Closing Dinners, the annual IVRPA Members Meeting, a mid-conference evening event hosted by Facebook, and our 20th birthday celebrations.

As always, there will be a Marketplace where you can meet software and hardware creators, try out different products and get special conference bargains.

The IVRPA Conference workshops are part of the Tokyo 2018 conference. Workshops are free but attendees MUST hold a full conference ticket or a one-day conference ticket valid for the day of the workshop.

This schedule will be updated and details changed as new speakers and workshops are agreed.



Galit Ariel Wondarlands

Galit Ariel is a transdisciplinary creative and strategic thinker, who is passionate about a future that will integrate technology into our everyday lives, but not control it. As a thought leader in Augmented Reality and a self-proclaimed ‘digital hippie’ Galit’s book ‘Augmenting Alice - The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality’ [July 2017] explores the…

Benjamin Baudel

Benjamin Baudel

Previously software developer and project leaders at Kolor / GoPro, Benjamin was focusing on authoring projects, including Panotour and ForgeJS.


Chris Bobotis Adobe

Chris is Director of Immersive at Adobe, overseeing the company’s Immersive Media efforts. Chris is the software architect for the SkyBox suite of 360˚ video and cinematic VR tools, which Adobe recently acquired from Chris’ previous company Mettle. Chris co-founded Mettle in 1992 and was Partner & Creative Director. Mettle transformed the nascent 360˚ VR…

Rachel Bracker

Rachel Bracker With the Wind and the Stars

Rachel Bracker is a 360/VR filmmaker who loves using documentary to open minds and encourage understanding. She has created several immersive films as a director, editor, and producer with 360 Labs. Her stories bring viewers to the heart of the Grand Canyon, the epicenter of a forest fire, and into the living room of the…


Simon Brooksbank Blend Media

Simon Brooksbank is Head of Content at Blend Media. He has been producing, sourcing, acquiring, curating and distributing content of many genres for 25 years at both independent production companies and media agencies including Reuters, AP, Shutterstock and Getty Images. Blend Media, through the company’s global network of over 600 x 360 creators, hosts the…

Geoffrey Bruce

Geoffrey Bruce Chief Exploration Software Architect - ASU

Geoffrey Bruce is the Senior Exploration Software Architect for the School of Earth and Space Exploration and serves as lead of the Immersive Virtual Field Trips (iVFT) team at Arizona State University’s Education Through Exploration group. He holds a graduate degree focused on intuitive learning in immersive virtual environments and his PhD work concentrates on…

GoThru Media Inc

Alin Bugeag GoThru

Alin Bugeag is CEO at GoThru Media Inc. He has been a trusted photographer since 2012 and has done more than 500 Street View tours in the Toronto, Canada area. In March 2015, GoThru saw the need for a way to save and update constellations in the Street View editor and created the GoThru plug-in.…


Al Caudullo 360 VR Voice

Al Caudullo, has been delivering award-winning compelling productions spanning the globe. Exotic destinations blended with unique cultural experiences give viewers an experience like no other. From vibrant American cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas to the isolated mountains of Mongolia. From ancient civilizations of Cambodia and Myanmar to the lush resorts of Southeast Asia…


Ben Claremont Life in 360

Ben Claremont is the face of the most popular YouTube channel focused around 360 cameras, Life in 360. Starting as a newbie just three years ago, Ben not only taught himself everything there is to know about point and shoot 360 cameras, but also how to use social media to turn his hobby into a…


Devon Copley Imeve

Devon Copley is CEO and Co-Founder of Imeve. An expert on live immersive technology, Devon has more than 20 years of experience in online media and VR. Previously, he was Head of Product for the Nokia OZO VR platform, where he expanded the OZO ecosystem to include live VR broadcast, next-generation immersive delivery, and multi-platform…


Joel Douek EccoVR, Inc.

ECCO VR co-founder Joel Douek is an award-winning composer and sound designer whose work has brought many top Virtual Reality experiences to life, as well as numerous BAFTA and Emmy-winning productions. Born in London, England, Joel draws heavily on his background in music and neuroscience to guide & innovate the use of sound to bring…


Sebastian Endler AMILUX FILM

Sebastian Endler, Director of Photography on the 360° film CARROUSEL in 2014 and the stereoscopic VR film BALLAVITA in 2018. Sebastian studied film in Canada then moved back to Vienna where he worked as camera operator on various documentaries and feature films. In 2014 he began working with AMILUX FILM a production company focused on…


Nancy Eperjesy Mettle

Nancy Eperjesy is Co-Founder of Mettle, developer of SkyBox 360/VR production tools for Adobe software. Mettle transformed the nascent 360˚ VR video industry with their SkyBox software plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Customers include virtually all professional 360˚ content producers. SkyBox tech was acquired by Adobe, and integrated into CC 2018. Mettle…


Ivy Guo

Brand Manager from Kandao Technology Co. Ltd. Kandao focuses on virtual reality technology research and development, providing patented end-to-end solutions for virtual reality video capturing and live streaming, aiming to bring virtual reality experience to a wide range of users.

Thomas Hayden

Thomas Hayden 360 Labs

With more than a decade in VR, Thomas Hayden helped pioneer the new, immersive medium of 360° video. World class brands like Google, Daimler, the US Coast Guard, and Columbia Sportswear trust his 360 vision. Thomas learned to tell a story around a campfire as a wilderness guide on the Colorado Plateau and in Alaska.…


Christina Heller VR Playhouse

Christina Heller is the CEO of Metastage, an XR studio opening summer 2018. Before Metastage, she co-founded VR Playhouse, and served as CEO from 2014 – 2017. Under her leadership, VR Playhouse completed over 50 projects with work featured at SXSW, Sundance, and Cannes. She won the 2016 "Women to Watch" award from the California…


Martin Hopkins Garden Gnome Software

Martin Hopkins (aka Hopki) is Garden Gnome Software’s support guru. He leads the conversations on the forums, social sites and support mail. Not only that, he is also the in-house master of Pano2VR and Object2VR with an amazing amount of know-how for the software.


Nick Ivanov Advanced Visuals

I work as a technical director at Advanced Visuals Inc., a company based in Vancouver, Canada. My main interests are aerial video and photography, VR, software development and AI.


Alexandre Jenny Kolor - Gopro

Kolor Founder, Senior Director Immersive Media Solutions at GoPro Mining engineer, DEA graduate in Material Physics, with 5 years of expertise in the development of video games and member of the Georges Mélies Photo Club, Alexandre Jenny is passionate about photography. It is this passion that led him to develop the Autopano software.


Sönke Kirchhof INVR

Sönke Kirchhof is CEO and executive producer of award-winning VR Full Service Studio INVR.SPACE GmbH and in charge of all business-related operations as well as deciding on creative and technologic approaches. He works in the fields of VR, stereoscopic filmmaking, VFX and CGI Postproduction as well as Research and Development in arts and technology since…

Michael Kolchesky

Michael Kolchesky Visual Solutions 360

Michael Kolchesky is CEO of Visual Solutions 360°. From 2012 she has been based in Paris, France and has collaborated on large-scale projects around the globe as a VR technical consultant, 360 VR camera operator, and a VR post-production expert. She has contributed to over 30 cinematic VR projects and worked as a 360 panoramic…


KC Lai iZugar Studio

KC Lai, Founder of iZugar Studio. We created many super fisheye lenses for 360 video, and keep shooting seamless 4K video with just two gopro camera. Our 3D360 system is the most affordable solution that welcomed by the community.


Gerda Leopold AMILUX FILM

Gerda Leopold produced and directed CARROUSEL in 2014, a 360° feature film and BALLAVITA in 2017/18 a cinematic , stereoscopic VR-film. Gerda has a background in Fine Arts, worked as a painter and had numerous exhibitions in Europe and the USA. In 2014 she started her production company AMILUX FILM in Vienna, Austria, focusing on…

Nathalie Mathe


Nathalie Mathe is an award winning Virtual Reality creator and animation and documentary shorts director. She runs NativeVR, a VR studio crafting unique experiences, in which she created and produced UTURN, an interactive 360 comedy examining gender inequalities in the tech industry. Over the past four years she contributed to over 35 cinematic Virtual Reality…


Mohamed Marouene SoWhen?

"The Vision and the Concept" Having an audio-visual production background and drawing on his extensive experience in post-production agency, Mohamed specializes in filmmaking and cinematographic production. He has worked on the feature film Logorama that has received an Academy Award in 2009. Founding member of SoWhen?, he focuses all of his digital art and new…


Nikk Mitchell FXG

Nikk is a software project manager, developer, and film maker who has lived in China for over a decade. Over the last five years, he has focused his career on creating experiences in the Virtual Reality (VR) industry. Nikk has built a name for himself in the Chinese VR scene through the launch of the…


Amit Morya Google

Amit Morya is a Program Manager with Google Street View. He oversees Street View Trusted programs to enable and empower business community on 360˚ content and VR photography in APAC region. He is an advocate of bringing more creators in VR fold, to help them build new experiences. He has more than 13 years of…

Shigeru OKADA

Shigeru OKADA 岡田写真事務所 / VR factory

Professional photographer based in Tokyo. Started shooting and authoring 360 panorama since 1996. Currently I am working on the car interior panorama as many projects of Japanese automobile manufacturers. プロ写真家。1996年からパノラマの撮影とオーサリングを始める。現在は主に日本の自動車メーカー案件のクルマのインテリアパノラマの制作を数多く手掛けている。


Juan Jose Perez Orbital Vision

Juan Jose Perez is the CEO of EQDRON and ORBITALVISION. He is a professional photographer, director of photography and professional certified drone pilot. Over the years, he has worked in advertising photography for 18 years, in aerial photography, photogrammetry, and aerial mapping from manned and unmanned aerial platforms for 7 years, also creating 360 panoramas…

Aleksandr Reznik

Aleksandr Reznik

Born in 1976 in USSR (Vilnius). Working as IT trainer since 2002. Now work as IT solution architect. Alexander start photographing in 1990. In 2009 start making panoramas and opened his photography school. His main specialization is difficult to make panoramas like handheld gigapixels, handheld bracketed panoramas etc. Since 2013 Aleksandr is running panoramas stitching…


Maximilian Richter Insta360

Max Richter is Insta360's Global Marketing Lead and manages the company's external outreach. Since joining Insta360 in 2016, he has engaged industry leaders across multiple sectors as well as top-tier global media to help them understand the potential of 360 camera technology. His work also includes developing partnerships to help expand the capabilities of 360…


Raphaël Roux Kolor

Software developer and project leaders at Kolor, Raphaël focus on authoring projects, including Panotour and ForgeJS.


Ergin Sanal

Ergin is a Digital Compositing Specialist, a former Creative Specialist at Foundry Turkey and an Officially Certified Nuke Trainer, based in Istanbul, Turkey. Having 8 years of production experience, Ergin worked as a lead compositor for numerous international and local projects. Today, he is Head of VFX at TATU Creative Studios in the Istanbul Bahcesehir…

Takashi Sekitani

Takashi Sekitani STEREOeYe

Takashi Sekitani, a freelance stereographer and stereo VR photographer living in Tokyo Japan. I've been taking stereo 3D photos/videos for 20 years. I have my own company STEREOeYe working for 3D theatres, museums, books and VR productions

Sergey Semenov

Sergey Semenov Airpano

Born in 1983. My first conscious acquaintance with photography happened in 2003, when a simple digital 1.3Mp hand-held camera landed in my hands. I was highly impressed with the fact that a photo appeared on a screen right away! After that I became a fan of photography and dedicated all my spare time to it.…

Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto

Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto

Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto is a visual designer based in Venezia, specialising in immersive contents and illustrations.


Eric Wang Pisofttech

Eric Wangle, co-founder, and CIO of Pisofttech, has spent the last 5 years working with the panoramic and 3D algorithm solution. 4 years ago, he joined Pisofttech and participated in the development of the world’s first AR SDK for Google glasses. 3 month ago, Pisofttech has launched World's First Panoramic VR Camera within Camera 8K…


Maheen Sohail Facebook

Maheen Sohail is a Product Designer at Facebook working on immersive media and Social VR. She is passionate about democratizing virtual reality and bringing these experiences to the masses. As a filmmaker herself, she is most interested in the potential of immersive storytelling. Prior to Facebook, Maheen worked at Electronic Arts as a UX Designer.


Naoto Somese N.A.O.

Naoto is a certified trainer of Kolor's Autopano Video and an instructor of 360 video on YouTube Space Tokyo. He organizes a study meeting named “VR MIRAIJUKU” every month in Tokyo and he was publishing a Guidebook titled "360 VR Video Making Workflow”.


Michael Ty 360 Rumors

Mic has written over 1,900 articles about 360 cameras and VR in, a website known for its in-depth reviews and tutorials for 360 cameras. He has served as a consultant for 360 camera manufacturers, software developers, and 360 camera accessory manufacturers.

Luca Vascon

Luca-Nicolò Vascon

Luca-Nicolò Vascon is an immersive imaging pioneer, he designs and develops visual content, specialising in virtual reality technologies. He is active in R&D, keeping workshops in various universities since 2003.


Alicja Wasilewska Blend Media

Business development manager at Blend Media the world’s leading provider for Brands and Publishers looking to benefit from the deeper audience engagement that immersive content offers.


Hajime Watanabe

Production Manager of Commercial Movie / WEB Movie / VR Movie.


Ayden Ye VeeR VR

Ayden Ye, Co-founder & CEO of VeeR, the global VR content community. Prior to VeeR, Ayden worked for Sierra Ventures, a venture capital in Silicon Valley, and became the youngest principal of the company’s history. Followed the passion into VR industry, he researched over 1,000 VR companies during his time in Silicon Valley. After that,…


Jim Zellmer amuz

Jim Zellmer is an American businessman and an explorer. In 1995, with two very good friends and his wife Nancy, he co-founded a software as a service business. Jim enjoys the application of useful, emerging technologies to business, civic and exploration opportunities. A father to two daughters, Jim seeks opportunities to create and share special…


NMathetalk Featuredimage - Nathalie Mathe What’s Next for 360º Video? – Tokyo 2018 - What's Next for 360º Video? Over the last decade, Virtual Reality and 360º video techniques and content have progressed enormously yet somewhat side by side. This talk by Nathalie Mathe at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference examines how the separate trends of real-time interactive graphics (CG) and 360º video are converging in the near future… Read More
Holocap - Christina Heller Volumetric Humans: Evolution in Mixed Reality (XR) Video – Tokyo 2018 - Volumetric Humans: Evolution in Mixed Reality (XR) Video For many, the holy grail of virtual and augmented reality is creating something so lifelike it deceives the senses. 360º video has prepared us for the next phase in cinematic immersive experience – interacting inside scanned or photoreal environments with 3D human assets. In this talk at… Read More
Feature Virtual Field Trips Using 360° Adaptive Non-Linear Interactive Environments – Tokyo 2018 - Virtual Field Trips Using 360° Adaptive Non-Linear Interactive Environments The team at Arizona State University has been researching and developing non-linear, adaptive, and interactive experiences for education using a variety of 360° content for the past several years. During this talk at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 conference by Geoffrey Bruce, the lead developer on the… Read More
Ergin Header 003 - Ergin SANAL VFX and Digital Compositing for Virtual Reality – Tokyo 2018 - VFX and Digital Compositing for Virtual Reality Ergin Sanal at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference will walk through 2 projects he has recently been involved with: 1) CNN internationals first VR project 'Challenger Disaster', Mono, Shoot with 4* SonyA7s and 12mm Rokinon. 2) Giant set extension stereo project shoot by Jaunt One camera The topics… Read More
HT Hallelujah-2-er-170421 16x9 992 - Joel Douek Sonic Virtual Reality: Regaining Ground for Sound in a Visually Driven Space – Tokyo 2018 - Sonic VR: Regaining Ground for Sound in a Visually Driven Space In the race to create great VR, sound is often an afterthought. This is set to change as new spatialization tools are becoming widely accessible and VR platforms can increasingly support new 360 audio formats. This talk by Joel Douek from EccoVR at the… Read More
Silvia-cauca-ylai-perspektiva360-getupandgo-mercado-final - Mónica Mesa Re-Discovering the Magical Realism of Post-Conflict Colombia Using Virtual Reality – Tokyo 2018 - Re-Discovering the Magical Realism of Post-Conflict Colombia Using VR One of the biggest challenges in Colombia after the signing of the peace agreement is to consolidate actions from the territories that open the possibility of living calm in places where one day the war was latent for more than 50 years. Today the story is… Read More
スクリーンショット 2018-05-21 23 24 43 - 渡辺創 Puccho A-N 4D Goggles Robotic Headset – Tokyo 2018 - Puccho A-N 4D Goggles Robotic Headset At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Hajime Watanabe will discuss the project to synchronize a robot arm with a virtual reality movie. For one of the promotions for a chewy soft candy “Puccho” of UHA Mikakuto, the manufacturer and seller of Confectioneries and Foods in Japan, Pyramid Film Quadra… Read More
20171218204612 - Tina Yang Pisoftech: World’s First Panoramic Virtual Reality Camera with in Camera 8K Video Stitching – Tokyo 2018 - Launching World's First Panoramic Virtual Reality Camera with in Camera 8K Video Stitching Eric Wang from Pisofttech, a technology company developing state-of-the-art technologies in computer vision and artificial intelligence, will introduce the world’s first VR 360° camera with 8K video stitching in camera and 6K real-time stitching at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference. With the… Read More
190329 Cover Image 1800x600 Main V02 New Technology Innovations for Live Action Virtual Reality – Tokyo 2018 - The Development of Virtual Reality Content Involves the Innovation of New Technologies. Two promising technologies that could revolutionize the possibilities of creating and experiencing live action VR are volumetric capture and light-field technology. Both technologies are the focus of research activities INVR.SPACE and REALLIFEFILM are involved in. Until recently, as a user of interactive VR… Read More
How Brands Engage With 360 & How Creators Can Maximise The Commercial Potential From Creating 360 Content In The Lead Up To Tokyo 2020 (2) Maximising Commercial Potential of 360º Content – Tokyo 2018 - Maximising Commercial Potential of 360º Content in the Lead up to Tokyo 2020 Olympics The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may seem a long way away but agencies, brands, and sponsors are furiously working on strategies to maximise coverage on an Olympian level. Audience engagement is paramount, innovation key and expectation huge, so never before has there… Read More
KANDAO - Ivy Guo Kandao – Explore the Next-Gen Virtual Reality Imaging: From Stereo to Depth – Tokyo 2018 - Kandao - Explore the Next-Gen Virtual Reality Imaging: From Stereo to Depth As virtual reality hits the masses, new ways of creating content immersive experience are being explored, by both on-field experienced creators to leading VR camera manufacturer. Being the developer of the renowned professional VR camera Obsidian, Kandao keeps finding solutions that remove technical… Read More
Eli~ - Max Richter Insta360’s New Tools for Intuitive Virtual Reality Production – Tokyo 2018 - Insta360’s New Tools for Intuitive VR Production Insta360 will introduce new technologies that address longstanding bottlenecks in the VR production workflow. Max Richter will share Insta360’s vision for spurring growth and creativity in the industry – with tools that bring VR production in line with the efficiency and ease of traditional video production. Attendees will… Read More
Ben Claremont BANNER - LIFE In 360 How To Crush It On Social Media With Your 360 Content – Tokyo 2018 - Life in 360 Social media has changed the game entirely for getting discovered as a creative. No longer does your short film need to be accepted into a film festival, nor your photo need to be published professionally for you to be ‘discovered’ by the world. In 2018 you can make a name AND career… Read More
VeeR How to Create Immersive Virtual Reality Content Beyond Boundaries – Tokyo 2018 - How to Create Immersive VR Content Beyond Boundaries VeeR is a global VR content platform with the mission of empowering everyone to create and share virtual reality content. With VeeR, you can simply upload VR content through mobile or web, share it with audience over 180 countries, and gain comprehensive insights from your VeeR data… Read More
Izugar-header-1600-Kc-Lai How to Build a Professional Virtual Reality System – Tokyo 2018 - How to Build a Professional Virtual Reality System Virtual Reality is all about user experience, and it is a mix of science and art. Besides the artistic side of storytelling, creators heavily rely on the camera system to capture their content. However, each system has different spec and purposes. How can we best decide which system to… Read More
IMG 6137 1 Panorama Red Crop - Aleksandr Reznik Handheld Gigapixel Photography – Tokyo 2018 - Handheld Gigapixel Photography At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Alexandr Reznik will share his experience behind creating New York Empire State building 45 gigapixel photo (made in cooperation with It was 1 week shooting 3 month stitching project. The topics will include: - finding financing - technological preparation - dealing with 20-30m parallax -… Read More
Gothru Overlay Editor - Alin Bugeag GoThru GoThru Overlay Editor – Tokyo 2018 - GoThru Overlay Editor is a game changer for the 360º storytelling industry. Everyone that plays with it has said that it is intuitive and easy to use. At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Alin Bugeag will share his ideas in the tool's creation to combine the familiar look of Photoshop and the powerful plug and… Read More
Gsv Google Street View Announcements – Tokyo 2018 - Latest Innovations Directly from the Google Street View Team Join Amit Morya, a Program Manager with Google Street View, at Tokyo 2018 - IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & 360° Video Conference as attendees learn about a number of new Google Street View compatible publishing products and provides IVRPA members with a summary of… Read More
Ww1 Donne-si-fa-storia - Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto Copy From Description to Communication: Enhancing Interactivity in Virtual Reality Imaging – Tokyo 2018 - From Description to Communication: Enhancing Interactivity in Virtual Reality Imaging Luca-Nicolò Vascon & Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatt will discuss using 360° highly interactive content to tell amazing stories, introduce users to immersive experiences, and involve them in the narrative through a path of discovery at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference. Four examples of enhanced interaction, four… Read More
Présentation Sans Titre - Mohamed Marouene First Person Emotion – Tokyo 2018 - FPE: First Person Emotion At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Mohamed Marouene from SoWhen? will talk about how he used First Person Point of View to generate the emotion needed for their prevention campaign for the SNCF. at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference. He will discuss the challenges encountered: ∙ Creating the ExOZO their exoskeleton for… Read More
Gensler Facebook 1188 Facebook Keynote: Creating Content for a Virtual Reality First World – Tokyo 2018 - Facebook Keynote: Creating Content for a Virtual Reality First World Historically, photos and videos have been used for a variety of purposes in a wide range of experiences. As we move from a digital age of mobile and web to virtual reality, how does the purpose of immersive content shift? In this talk at the… Read More
Amuz App Explore - James Zellmer Explore the World Using the Immersive Imagery App: Amuz – Tokyo 2018 - Jim Zellmer will demonstrate his new app at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference. This app seeks to provide the best, most interesting, curated information to help people make decisions: Where should I go? What should I do? I have an afternoon free; what is interesting? How do you decide where to go? I've heard these… Read More
IVRPA 2018 - Nikk Mitchell Chinese VR : Past, Present, & Future + Tips On How You Can Get Involved – Tokyo 2018 - Chinese VR : Past, Present, & Future + Tips On How You Can Get Involved The latest wave of Chinese VR began soon after the west when Oculus DK1 Kickstarter began to be delivered. Nikk Mitchell, a Canadian living in China, saw a lack of community locally and started the first online forum (later… Read More
Stitcher-With-Imeve-Logo-2x1 Crop - Devon Copley Best Practices for Live 360º Video Production – Tokyo 2018 - Best Practices for Live 360º Video Production When it's live, you only get one chance - and live 360º adds a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Imeve CEO and former OZO product lead Devon Copley draws upon his experience supporting live 360º production teams at some of… Read More
Geigentraum1 1263 Web - Gerda Leopold BALLAVITA: An Adventure in Virtual Reality – Tokyo 2018 - BALLAVITA: An Adventure in Virtual Reality "I want the audience to feel the action under their skin. I want them to feel like they are jumping, flying and dancing. Not just to observe but to feel. Physical action on the screen is a physical action for the audience.” At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference director… Read More
AugmentingAlice CH5 Augmented - Galit Ariel Augmented Filmmaking: Embedded Narratives and Experiential Environments – Tokyo 2018 - Augmented Filmmaking: Embedded Narratives and Experiential Environments Immersive media adds new opportunities and layers within content creation and filmmaking – exploring new storytelling techniques, nuances and interaction layers. The growth, expansion and overlap of immersive technology capabilities would mean that filmmaking will embed more interactive narratives across both mediums and environments. We can already see… Read More
BANNER TOKIO IVRPA NEW Aerial Photogrammetry: 3D Structure Modeling and Mapping using Drones – Tokyo 2018 - Aerial Photogrammetry: 3D Structure Modeling and Mapping using Drones Eqdron and OrbitalVision have accomplished important projects in public and private sectors. Both of them have been the axis of digital campaigns of 360 interactive technology and aerial photogrammetry for advertising and engineering projects in several fields such as construction, precision agriculture, roads, historical heritage, etc.… Read More
Adobe Feature Adobe Immersive Experiences: Beyond the Screen – Tokyo 2018 - When the screen in front of us becomes the world around us, new worlds are opened – not just for entertainment, but for virtually any type of content or experience. Our job is to help artists, filmmakers, and creative visionaries bring their talents to the new canvas and re-discover – or even re-invent – the art of narrative. We have the opportunity to re-invent storytelling and content creation tools as we know them. Read More
360° – A Compelling Medium for Brands & Agencies – Tokyo 2018 - How 360/VR Strengthens the Audience-Brand Relationship? Blend Media, the world's leading provider in distributing, producing and curating 360˚ content, will be hosting a panel debate with insights on how 360°/VR can improve the audience-brand relationship. The panel discussion will focus on discussing how to maximise ROI from 360° campaigns, best practices for pitching 360° projects… Read More
Feature 360 Documentary Filmmaking and Multimedia Journalism: Challenges and Lessons Learned – Tokyo 2018 - The Making of "as it is": A Grand Canyon VR Documentary 360 Labs co-founder Thomas Hayden and editor/producer Rachel Bracker discuss the journey behind the making of "as it is," a virtual reality documentary about grassroots activists working to save the Grand Canyon from a controversial development proposal. Their talk will explore the challenges of… Read More
P7890020 - Mic Ty 360 Cameras vs. Interchangeable Lens Cameras: Comparison of 360 Photos – Tokyo 2018 - 360 Cameras vs. ILCs: Comparison of 360 Photos from the Latest Generation of 360 Cameras and from Interchangeable Lens Cameras As we know, the highest quality 360 panoramas are shot with panoramic heads and interchangeable lens cameras. However, in recent years, one-shot 360 cameras have improved significantly. Are there now 360 cameras that can produce… Read More
1600px USA2018 Manhattan Ss V01 C00 SSS5222 Ss L L 1200px - Sergey Semenov 2018 Virtual Reality Trends: AirPano Experience – Tokyo 2018 - 2018 Virtual Reality Trends: AirPano Experience AirPano is a project created by a team of Russian photographers focused on taking high-resolution aerial 360° photographs and 360° video. At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Sergey Semenov will provide updates on the work of the AirPano team in 2018 including: • 2018 VR and 360 trends. •… Read More

Call for Speakers


The IVRPA invites international members, industry associates, business professionals and educators to submit a proposal to be considered for a 20-30 min presentation / 1-hour workshop

Its 13th annual 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & 360° Video Conference May 28 - 31 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.

The Tokyo 2018 program will include 4 days of incredible VR Photography & Video Talks and Workshops, with the most talented members of our community. These sessions will focus on subjects that are relevant to the virtual reality world. Talks will cover a wide range of subjects on 360º panoramic photography and video, both hardware and software. Topics will range from commercial to artistic and will examine the future of 360º imaging.

Anyone interested in presenting at the conference can submit a proposal to:

Details need to be filled and attached:

Speaker Name

Email address

Presentation Subject

Presentation description

Website + links to works

Type of Presentation (Talk, workshop, panel or other)

Deadline for submission - 21 April 2018