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    Chelsea Dickens
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    Basically I am working on creating a 360 environment for platforms for things such as VR headsets as well as even just environments in Facebook and Youtube for mainly advertisement but as well for entertainment.

    I have seen some videos online where when as a viewer if you move around by using your mouse to look at the entire 360 area or even your headset if it VR, when you look in particular areas it triggers a something to happen. For example, if you had a forest as your 360 environment video and you looked at a certain area a dinosaur would come through the bushes but it would only happen when you look at that spot.

    I was wondering if you were aware of any type of software that enables the user to look in a certain direction and an action happens?

    I’m unsure whether this may involve some coding to tell the 360 to do this when the user looks in a certain direction or if it just software. If you have any knowledge about this, it would be great help to me as I continue to create this.


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    you can use kolor panotour 2.5 to create VR hotspots as you described


    panotour is a GUI for krpano, and you can further customize the code if you wish





    normally hotspots are floating icons in a panorama that you click on to move to next scene or trigger some action etc, in VR mode you just target them with center of viewer to activate another action, reveal dinosaur, move to next pano, etc, see the krpano example in a VR viewer here –


    yes, this involves some coding, and this is NOT compatible with youtube or facebook etc, all of these big sites which host 360° content only allow upload of single panos or video, not any sort of 3rd party hotspots, hotspots etc created by panotour or krpano etc must be hosted on a proper web server as with similar web content



    Pablo Betancourt
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    Wonda VR seems to do that also, but what if the main use of the video is Oculus Rift during a show?
    Wonda is not Oculus Rift compatible and Panotour Pro does not allow .mov files, so you are limited to 4k and mp4. It also plays chuncky on my macbook pro.

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