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    Tony Reidsma
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    I posted this in the professional forum, but I can’t seem to see it, so I’m posting in the regular 360 video forum… sorry if I’m doing this all wrong.

    Hey all. I could use some help from users.

    I was on KOLOR’s site and found the below:

    Here’s one example which incorporates stills with video 360 tours:

    Here’s one that is a 360 video with hotspots

    I need to have something like the second link, where I can add hotspots to a 360 video.

    Here’s a pano I did with still images:

    I’m looking to do the same thing, but with video, and to do so I’m going to buy:

    Does anyone know if I can do this with the KOLOR software, and if there’s a different way, I’d love to know.

    Thank you in advance for any help – Tony


    Sam Rohn
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    hi steve

    kolor Autopano Video Pro + Autopano Giga are for stitching video, not making any sort of interface or hotspots etc, to make a 360 video with hotspots as your example above you would use krpano, kolor panotour is a GUI for krpano, but i do not believe kolor has a GUI for 360 video hotspots yet, so this would require hand coding in krpano, search the krpano docs and forums for more info


    also see these videos on creating 360° video moving hotspots



    Tony Reidsma
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    So I tested the latest version of Panotour Pro 2.5 and it now supports VIDEO and HOTSPOTS!

    The hotspots work great and follow the video nicely.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you all know of this update.



    Brad Phaisan
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    You can host 360 video with custom hotspot GUI on vroptimal.com
    Here is an example of real estate agency filming 360 video and use hotspot to navigate to different scenes.

    Happy to answer questions if you have.


    Dejan Gajsek
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    At Viar360 we don’t have the dynamic hotspots yet we do have the Informational (HTML5 rich), POV and Transitional ones. At the moment we are also developing custom shapes, polygon, and transparent ones.

    The moving ones are a bit of a design challenge since we try to stay away from the coding part.


    Brad Phaisan
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    Just some update on my previous reply, VR Optimal becomes OmniVirt and now fully support drag-and-drop hotspots creation UI for all formats (360° photo, 360° video, panorama, 180 SBS, Stereo 360°). Some tutorial and demo below:

    360° interactive photo demo and tutorial
    360° interactive video demo and tutorial

    Hotspots in VR Mode will become gaze-through in Cardboard. Hope this helps!


    joe lee
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    Any more update to this thread?

    I have been asked by a local charity to create 360 video virtual tour with hotspots that when clicked starts playback of media (eg sounds, videos or a simple pop up graphic). They don’t have much budget and I’ll be filming with my Insta360 One X. I’ve looked at lots of 360 photo tours platforms but there aren’t many 360 video platforms.

    I am currently looking at 3dvista. Any more ideas on platforms to use? I was considering KRPano but looks very intimidating!

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