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    Jessie Han
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    I wonder about add a logo to 360 video in premiere.
    I downloaded trial version of PTGUI
    I know Skybox can add a logo to 360 video.
    However, Is there any other way of adding a logo without download 2program?

    I used autopano for adding a logo

    2.Gear360/Ricoh ThetaS
    video clip, which way I can add a logo to video?


    Sam Rohn
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    adobe photoshop has basic video editing capabilities, this should allow you to overlay a logo but you would have to create the logo file with correct projection and distortion on your own



    ball zheng
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    http://www.panomore.com VR software panovideo can add logo and I have used its trial version.


    Kim Grennan
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    I am a founder of ARVRUS (www.arvrus.com), and we will be launching our beta shortly that will allow you to white label a VR player and customize/brand the player, perfect for embedding in a website. We also have a ton of cool tools for automatic transcoding and distribution to Youtube and facebook, a VR mobile app builder, and a really cool analytics dashboard that allows you to understand what people were viewing within your content. Email me at kim@arvrus.com if you ever have any questions!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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