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    Stephen King
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    I just recently started my addiction to equirectangular panoramas as an amateur. My favorite subjects are nightscapes. Currently I have a Sky-watcher Allview mount which serves me well, but I am having trouble stitching the shots. I stumbled upon Papywizard, but try as I might I cannot get the thing to work for me. Most of the time it fails for some unknown reason. The one time it didn’t fail, the pictures still didn’t align properly.

    Unfortunately, since Papywizard is no more, I can’t find a good place for help diagnosing my problems. Is there any other software that can be used to tell PTGui where the photos belong to make the stitching easier?

    I also can’t find much in the way of forums related to this niche of photography. Anyone have suggestions of active forums other than this one?


    Sam Rohn
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    have a look at these online papywizard xml generators here –



    the “panoramic photographers on facebook” group is probably the most active forum for equirectangular panorama stitching nowadays


    see this search link for recent discussions about papywizard –




    Luc Villeneuve
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    I use papywizard files only for panos done with a 35mm lense and up. It’s even more useful for partial panoramas. This is an example of a partial panorama which has been shoot with a 300 or 500mm, I don’t remember http://quebec360.com/en/panorama/quebec-to-the-marina-on-a-beautiful-summer-evening/


    Stephen King
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    Thank you very much for your replies!

    I really enjoy the Quebec panorama, especially with the background sounds.

    I was hoping Papywizard would help make aligning easier, but so far it has not. I just received a bluetooth adapter to try to connect my Allview to a phone or tablet but I cannot seem to get that to work, either! I will look into that forum on Facebook. Maybe someone there can help me solve my issues.


    Ron Potts
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    Great Quebec360 shot, if you do not mind me asking what camera you used and if it was a still camera what mount did you use to get the panoramic and what software did you use.

    Thank you

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