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    Brendon Gee
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    With the lunch of ios13 in the coming fall of 2019 and apple rebuilding there Maps from the ground up and heavy focusing on the 360 side in competition with Googles Maps.
    My question is, has anybody heard or know if Apple is starting/offering a “Trusted Apple Photography program”. I know they have their own special camera mounted cars that have been driving around since 2015 but was wondering apple has considered third party input.
    Imagine if Apple offered a similar program of that of the app store, 70/30 for use or purchase of an image. This could be another avenue for making $$$. Do we have an “IN” at Apple to discuss opportunities?

    Brendon Gee
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    Virtuel Time
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    Hello, never heard of that….

    Parce que le virtuel c'est génial, nous avons commencé depuis 2019 à proposer des visites virtuelles via VirtuelTime


    Peter van der Panne
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    Also never heard of it, I am curious.


    Trevor Justus
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    I just started noticing 360 images in business listings, but I’ve only seen exterior photos thus far. Has anyone seen interior panoramas yet?

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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