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    Hemant Chabria
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    Hi – We make videos for our customers , Now I need to have an offline version of YouVisit/walkinto or any other app where I create the 360 Video add hotspots and play normal video in VR , What would be a good editor and an app for the same

    Hemant Chabria


    The Twitt
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    There are many online tools available on Web but still there is no free tool avail yet.

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    saul burgos
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    I guess http://www.marzipano.net/ can work for you. but you need a web developer.

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    you can use almost any 360 vr tour tour creation software offline for working with local files, kolor panotour would probably be your best choice for video hotspots and 360 video if that is what you need

    for viewing 360° tours offline on desktop or laptop, they are just html archives so playing them locally in a browser is not big problem, you may need to set permissions on your local machine to allow viewing local pages is all

    viewing locally on mobile device like iphone or android would require an app that allows file transfer and a browser that allows viewing local files on the mobile device

    marzipano mentioned above does not support 360° video, but you could work with it off line if you download the installer but the install and use require coding skills

    Forge JS is another 360 tour and 360 video framework that is very advanced and totally free, but again requires coding skills



    John Matulis
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