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    I’m new here but wanted to ask folks anyone knows of any way (in any software) to change individual camera shots in a multi-cam VR setup while editing in post production.

    For instance, if I want to change the image/shot that’s in front of my viewer while leaving the images/shots unchanged, is that possible in anything AutoPano, Cinema4D, Premiere, etc? Attached is a crappy illustration of what I mean. Basically, if we think of each video / camera angle that’s captured as a separate video timeline running in parallel, is it possible to cut from clip 1 to clip 1a while all of the remaining clips stay the same?

    crappy illustration

    As an example, let’s pretend that while your viewer is looking at a subject that is at the NORTH point of the sphere and their back is facing the SOUTH point of the sphere, is it possible to change the images that make up the SOUTH part of the sphere while the images in the NORTH part of the sphere remain the same? An example of this is in the film “The Delivery” where when you look at a certain area in the frame something new happens but everything else remains the same around you. I know this is animation but I’m curious if it’s possible with videos.

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