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    yeung ka ho
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    Hi Sam Rohn

    do you know why my link can not post in Facebook like the attached pic ( i can post like the Pic before but not now) ?





    Sam Rohn
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    hi leo

    note that this is not my private forum, there are hundreds of other members here, if you address your posts only to me directly other members (who might know more than me about these topics) might ignore it ;)

    facebook changes embed requirements and functionality all the time, i have not set this up in a while

    have a look at this article for more info


    also see this group on facebook for more info





    James Mackenzie
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    Hi Leo,

    You need to inject metadata into your VR panoramas before Facebook will recognize them and enable the 360 photo experience.

    You can find full details here

    I also put together a quick explainer with the bare essentials here




    Sam Rohn
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    note this topic is about embedding self-hosted panoramas in facebook timeline posts, NOT posting 360 photos directly to facebook

    (also note that while we appreciate the useful information on your site, posting multiple links to your own site in multiple topics in a short peroid of time is considered spamming, which is not tolerated here)


    ivrpa webmaster

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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