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    Hey there! Its Nico Serdeir here, the co-founder of Failory, a website where I weekly interview startup owners. Today I published an interview with Andrey Norin, founder of a failed startup called ExploreVR.

    Andrey Norin is a budding entrepreneur, responsible for all the successes and the failures of ExploreVR. This was a directory site focused 100% on virtual reality. He started it in 2017 and shut down a few months later. His lack of experience in creating a business from scratch was the main cause of failure.

    Here are the main points:

    • Andrey Norin, maker of ExploreVR
    • ExploreVR: A directory site focused on VR

    • Started in 2017

    • Closed a few months after

    • Country: New York, United States

    • Reason of failure: No market need for his product

    • Money lost: +$6,000

    Let’s get into the interview!


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