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    Lodewijk Luijt
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    Hey all,

    Im new here because i’m looking for some help in creating 360 photo + video tours (hybrid, not just the one or the other). Now I see some places like Wonda VR and Insta VR but i want something that will last me a long time and is already doing things that they are not, like moving hotspots. So I naturally arrived at krpano but i’m not much of a coder and there is little to no instruction video’s on how to import video’s with the VRTour droplet.
    After searching this forum and reading through some of the link listed in https://ivrpa.org/about-ivrpa/360-vr-photography-360-video-resources/ I’m still not much closer to finding a simple tutorial explaining how to import equirectangular video into krpano. There is some code on the krpano site but im not able to add it to the xml so it works at all.

    Question one:
    Can someone direct me to a tutorial on how to add video to a 360 photo krpano tour?

    Question two:
    Should I buy the Pano Tour Pro package at Kolor to make my life in 360 so much more easy?

    Thanks so much for helping me. Im super excited to learn and start creating!

    Kinds regards,

    Lodewijk Luijt
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands


    Sam Rohn
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    if you are not comfortable coding, you may not enjoy working with krpano xml files, but otherwise the krpano forum would be the best place to look for specific answers about using krpano


    kolor panotour pro and pano2vr both support 360 video, download the demos for both and see which you are more comfortable working with

    pano2vr 5.1 and later also support 360 video –


    info on adding 360 video to panotour 360 tours is here –




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