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    Alexandre Jenny
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    Today, we’re launching Forge.js to let you build the most immersive experiences based on 360-degree photos & videos, 3D objects, flat images, sounds, text and more.

    Forge.js is at the cutting edge of current technology: it handles WebVR, MPEG-DASH, Omnitone and Ambisonic.

    With Forge.js, don’t just share 360-degree videos, create interactive VR stories that gather any kind of content type. Forge.js is meant to be used by developers. It’s free and open-source: build your own plugins and take your VR experiences to the next level.

    Give it a try! Take a look at the samples we’ve prepared and download the script. You can also offer a plugin to the community or share your projects on the forum.

    Together, we’re opening a new chapter in VR storytelling: take your part and contribute to this amazing revolution.



    saul burgos
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    Cool tool, I will check it to see if I can use it.


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    Keith Martin
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    Alexandre, this is very cool! Belated thanks. :)


    Jef Coelho
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    Very good! I’ll try



    Marcus Morba
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    Look forward to try it. Would love a plugin for Matterport Tours when they release a SDK. Maybe you can get early access to it. A Beta should be available by now.


    GoThru Media Inc
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    Thank you Alexandre Jenny,

    We already integrate it in our Street View Editor !!!

    GoThru Street View Editor with Forge.js


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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