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    Paul Maund
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    Hi Sam,

    I have a question regarding the visual movement or transition between panoramas on GSV. So its kind of an odd one and I cannot find the info anywhere. I have noticed that varying Google tours have a different kind of movement effect or ‘transition’ when moving from one 360 to another. For example, the transition from the link 1 below feels as though above, top and the sides are moving past the viewer which is the 3D effect I would like to achieve. While the movement from the second link is moving prominently from the ground only, which seems to be the most common transition on GSV. (Neither tours are mine). I originally thought the first link may have been using a Matterport or similar for that 3D effect but I saw a DSLR in the reflection. Is this perhaps secondary software being used such as Pano2vr to upload these tours, which is adding this more immersive effect? Also would you recommend Pano2vr for their Google street view upload facility or another?

    1. The Worlds End, Blandford, UK

    2. The Still & West, Portsmouth, UK

    Thank you for the help,


    Sam Rohn
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    i am not really an expert in current state of google street view tours, they have had several generations of changes at this point and things change all the time without warning so i am not sure what is current functionality this month…

    pano2vr is currently the only desktop app that supports GSV upload, but i am not sure about how it might affect scene transitions on GSV tours


    maybe GSV tours uploaded before or after a certain date display different transitions, or maybe it is about distance between panos, or some other factor ?

    walkinto.in is a good option for customizing GSV hosted tours, i am not sure about scene transitions options there either but they have excellent customer support and should be able to answer that question


    another option for self hosted (not GSV hosted) tours is the Garrows plugin for Krpano & Panotour, i believe they are working on adding the sort of 3D transitions you mentioned above to this plugin soon if not already happened





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    I have been doing Google tours for years. I think that effect is created by Google themselves and not the software you use to upload the tours.

    If you are after that effect in particular, I think you will have to create it yourself or use the Garrow plugin as mentioned by Sam.

    I created this tour in 2015 using Google’s old online uploader and it also has that effect:

    [googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!4v1522348254218!6m8!1m7!1sr0iBbR6vT_gAAAQo8DyRmg!2m2!1d49.31070856525173!2d-124.5029486896574!3f216.80725770187976!4f0.4312769310721336!5f0.7820865974627469&w=600&h=450%5D


    I always thought these guys gave a great boardroom btw!


    Dennis Frost - Vancouver Island, BC
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