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    Piero Bacarella
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    Hello everyone,
    I want to buy a panoramic head for my Sigma Fisheye 8mm 3.5 EX DG.
    I’m considering to purchase a Atom 360precision head.
    I can’t understand the differences between

    Sigma 8mm f3.5 – GTP


    Sigma 8mm f3.5

    The first one is for Google Trusted Photographer, the second one for generic purpose. But, what the first one has special?
    I wrote to the support but they don’t reply to me.

    Many thanks



    Jürgen Schrader
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    I think technically they are the same. There is no difference besides that GTP get a discount.


    Keith Martin
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    In which case, to qualify for the lower price you’d need to be a Google Trusted Photographer when you purchased the head.


    Frank Cornfield
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    Don’t buy either of these as I believe the company is no longer trading and people have lost money and gear. Their website is still up and receiving orders!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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