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    This VR headset is AMAZING.

    I started with the Gear VR, it’s not bad for seventy dollars or so, but after two weeks of cooling off my cellphone I purchased my “FLY”.

    helmet vision fly

    You have to use your cell phone with the Gear. After twenty-thirty minutes or about that the phone would get so hot you had to stop and cool off the phone in the deep freezer.



    helmet vision fly

    So that became a problem. That’s when I either going to do it or not. I bought it and so glad I did. This VR headset is amazing. Actually unbelievable. I love it. I don’t play videos or anything like that.

    helmet vision fly

    I’m also a senior citizen. Anyway I got this thing. If you are like me, stay home kind of guy and your best friend is your doge, you’ll love it. A bit more expensive but worth it.

    I’m amazed on the things it does. I can go to Spain or to the mountains without having to leave my room. I can be on stage with the Metallica OR see Dinosaurs right there.

    helmet vision fly


    You won’t be disappointed!!

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