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    Ron Potts
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    As I have pointed out I am new to the forum and find this great place and I am looking for some help from all the experience in the forum.

    I have a client looking for a tour that covers his art exhibit. I tried it with my set up and it fell short of all our expectation, I used a Matterport camera. I can share the link if someone has useful input to help me work thru this and that would show the contrast I am working thru.

    The art exhibit has all black walls and ceilings with dark floors. The items that are on exhibit are shinny gold and bright colors and are highlighted with direct lighting. This causing a great contrast.

    What I am looking for is anyone with the knowledge and experience that is using panoramic systems and has a suggestions. Does anyone use NTech Iris360 and will it cover the great contrast in lighting and come up with a useable product. Also looking for a camera resolution that wont break the bank, again Ntech Istar may work but I would like to rent it prior to that big of investment. Cannot find a way to do that, any suggestions on the rental option.

    I am also looking for software input on a usable software that develops a good usable tour that gives the ability to highlight or tag objects with information and individual photos.

    IF anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Like I have said new to this and any and all input would be appreciated.

    The other reason I am throwing this out is my time line is limited the show is coming to a close the end of January. If I can find a camera I can capture the panorama’s and develop the tour later.

    I am in the Seattle area if anyone has a local camera rental solution.

    Thank you in advance



    Thomas Sharpless
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    I don’t think any of the automatic 360 camera systems will make good enough photos of an art exhibit. For that kind of work you really need a high quality camera on a pano head, a good lens of at least 12mm focal length, and good photographic skills. You must shoot raw, with careful attention to lighting to avoid glare, and to proper exposure. Don’t attempt HDR. Process for perfect tone and color. Then stitch with PTGui or Autopano.


    Ron Potts
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    Thank you for the advice it was very helpful. This was what I needed and was looking for. I appreciate the advice.
    Thank you

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