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    John Blake
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    What hosting companies would you recommend that I can use to host my HTML5 panoramas. I currently have a website that has VR panoramas in SWF and QuicktimeVR formats. The website was created over 10 years ago before iPads,iPhones,and iPods. In the VR administration of my website I can only upload a single file SWF or .mov plus a thumbnail and file names. I eventually want to have an entirely new website created.
    My current goal is to have my VR panoramas be able to display on Facebook and all iOS and Android devices as well as desktop computers.
    Thanks in advance. I hope I have made my intentions clear.
    John Blake


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    there are many options here

    either pano2vr, krpano, or kolor panotour (among other options) can create html5 panos

    html5 panos are not a single file like swf of jpg, an html5 pano is typically a directory containing containing multiple files and subdirectories including html, js, jpg image tiles, etc, this entire directory must be upload as is via ftp etc for everything to work properly, see the docs for your preferred player and web host for details

    html5 panos can be hosted on just about any web hosting service that supports ftp or similar file upload, such as amazon web services S3

    for a normal shared hosting plan compatible w html5 panos, i recomend siteground, great pricing, excellent service and support


    also see this article on hosting panoramas on AWS S3




    John Blake
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    Thanks Sam for the info on HTML5 hosting. I will look into siteground as a host and WordPress to create my website. AS I stated in my original post I have several VR panoramas in html5 format(created with pano2vr).My website was originally set up about five years before iOS devices came into the market. I can only add quicktimeVR and swf panoramas to my virtual reality photo gallery.
    Any other help would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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