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    Adrián Canal Bustos
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    Excuse my bad English, I am writing from Argentina.

    I ask advice and help.

    Just I start with 360. He made some panoramas in Autopano pro and pro Pano2VR. I still can not decide for one or the other, in pano 2VR costs me a lot autopano interface and how bad it is the interaction with the user.

    Both programs generate output files Htlm 5, and I hang / insert scenarios on a site generated in WIX. And this only gives you the option of inserting CODIGOS HTLM5.

    You know, like do to transform these files into a HTLM5 code form to hang them on the site WIX.

    A big hug from Argentina, I would like to meet you in one of my trips to USA.

    Adrian Canal Bust
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    you cannot convert these (or any other) panoramas into a pure html file that can be uploaded or inserted into wix or otherwise pasted as code into a single page

    (in my opinion, wix is a very poor choice for website hosting, if you need a this sort of host i would suggest looking into other options like wordpress.com or squarespace etc )

    easiest solution would be to host your panos on roundme.com or 360cities.net and emebd with iframe as below



    saul burgos
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    The best you can do is hire a programmer if you do not know how to do it. I know that all the services that you mention give you a code that need to be add in your website like same told you

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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