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    Oleksiy Sauliak
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    Hello, I am looking for VR / 360 ° video content to create a portfolio. If you have the video for which you are Stitch I can do it.


    Luc Villeneuve
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    What do you mean by To create a portfolio? Make a site with images from professional photographer?

    Could you explain the goal of this portfolio?



    Oleksiy Sauliak
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    Sorry, I probably do not say so. I do not really speak English. I work for a company that specializes in creating the advanced visual effects for feature films, TV shows, video clips and commercials. In my free time I want to make a http://www.freelancer.com Under our company, I can not show my work. I thought maybe someone else have a video that needs VFX. I could make the stitch, stabilizarovat video, remove a tripod, add the effect it. In return, I want to post this video in portfolio and specify the work that I did. Not to say that I am the author of the video, I will point out that doing post processing.


    david betteridge
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    Hi Alex

    We may be able to help each other, I have a pretty large backlog of 360 films that need clean up work – some very simple such as small stitch errors and tripod removal and some more challenging films with stitch errors that are beyond my capability. I am also looking for a freelancer to work with on an ongoing basis as I have more work than I can stitch at the moment.

    Where are you based

    My email is mail@davidbetteridge.com
    Website http://www.davidbetteridge.com

    let me know if this could be interesting



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